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Project Blue Book - Foo Fighters - Review

Project Blue Book “Foo Fighters” was directed by Norma Bailey, whose other credits include Outlander, Reign, and Mary Kills People. The episode was written by Emily Brochin. Look for one of my favorite Canadian actors to guest star – Patrick Gallagher, playing Randall Kavanagh.

The episode begins at the WCQU Radio Tower in Terre Haute, Indiana. Fuller (Matt O’Leary) is growing desperate to talk to Hynek (Aiden Gillen), and he keeps repeating numbers to the police – 3, 42, 11, 76, 79 – as he runs up the radio tower.

Meanwhile, Hynek and Mimi (Laura Mennell) get a visit from both General Valentine (Michael Harney) and General Harding (Neal McDonough) about Fuller showing up at their house. Hynek wants to know what Fuller could want to tell him, and Harding wants to know why Fuller wants to talk to Hynek. In the end, Hynek gets more out of Harding than Harding gets out of Hynek. Hynek tells Harding nothing, but Harding shows him the numbers, which Hynek is able to decipher as a radio signal – not Pi as he tells Harding. Harding tells them both not to talk to anyone about the incident – it’s an Air Force matter. He also insists that they need to talk to Susie (Ksenia Solo).

Mimi is growing more concerned and wants to know why Hynek didn’t tell the Generals what he knows. He tells her that he’s not sure that he trusts them. He also finds a radio broadcast that says “the arrival is upon us” and contains numbers that lead him to Romper and pin-up photographer Kelly (Nadine Lewington) – who seems to be based on real life photographer Bunny Yeager. All she knows is that she’s being paid to broadcast the signal and has an envelope to give to anyone who comes by.

Quinn (Michael Malarkey) pays Susie a visit. He comments that it was unusual for a woman to have a gun and how brave she was. He then starts asking questions about the mugging – he was never going to be as easy to deceive! She also has to think quickly when they can suddenly hear the radio broadcasting the bug at the Hyneks’ – and covers with having left the radio on while she was doing laundry.

“Mr Miller” (Currie Graham) is lurking in the background with a gun, but luckily, Susie gets Quinn to leave – but not before he tells her that he wants to speak more formally with her and her husband. The entire incident earns Susie a viscous backhand from her “hubby.” He tells her that she’s getting too close and is made things worse by bringing a gun into the “target’s” house. He also makes a veiled comment to her still not having learned. Clearly, they’ve worked together before – and maybe Susie isn’t really cut out for spy work if she ends up befriending her targets! She insists that she’ll make it right.

Hynek shares the contents of the envelope with Quinn. There are pictures of fighter jets – and a picture of the earth that looks like it was taken from space – something the US can’t do at that time. There is also a name on the back – Randall Kavanagh, played by one of my favorite Canadian actors, Patrick Gallagher. At first, Quinn doesn’t want to do anything about it, but Hynek insists that his wife is in danger – they have to follow the lead! Quinn gives in, excusing disobeying an order by pointing out that the foo fighter case is still open, so they need to investigate.

Fairchild (Robert John Burke) visits Harding and Valentine and he is not happy about Fuller. He wants then to shut everything down – and stop Fuller!

Hynek and Quinn follow the lead to Missouri, and Kavanagh opens fire on them. Hynek is shocked when Quinn rushes Kavanagh when Quinn recognizes the gun and knows Kavanagh will have to reload. It’s a nice demonstration that while Quinn may be a good soldier in following orders, he’s no coward. Of course, once they have Kavanagh, Quinn takes the hardline approach and it’s up to Hynek to play good cop. Once Kavanagh realizes that they are there because of the signal, he shows them his evidence room, and he is willing to introduce him to the others in the group – mostly fighter pilots who have encountered foo fighters but a few with other experiences too – like a grey mist with too much mass. Ben Cotton also guest stars as Chris, one of the other pilots. They are all suspicious of Quinn because of how the Air Force has treated them.

Kavanagh tells them that contact has effected all of them, leaving something in their heads. They also show Hynek and Quinn the antenna that they’ve built themselves. They take it out and demonstrate how they can call the foo fighters. Hynek, however, tells them that their signal strength is too weak to call anything. It’s much more likely that the lights are just car headlights bouncing off of clouds. It’s interesting that when the lights first appear, Quinn seems ready to believe that he’s seeing aliens ships. The group is angry with Hynek, and Quinn tries to offer to get them help – but they still want nothing to do with the Air Force. Quinn also explains that Hynek is just trying to find a logical answer.

Afterwards, Quinn tells Hynek that something isn’t right, and he believes the pilots! Hynek then finally tells Quinn everything – that he thinks the Air Force is trying to erase Fuller’s memory. He also tells him about the men in hats and the amusement park. Quinn is angry – A man you never saw took you to a secret hospital where they perform mind control experiments on pilots who’ve seen UFOs – you should have told me! We’re partners. But Hynek has seen the crack in Quinn’s military armor and he’s sharing now.

Of course, when they get to the amusement park, everything is gone. However, Hynek does find Fuller there! He tells Hynek that he wasn’t trying to hurt Mimi. He tells him that the amusement park is where it all started, but they aren’t trying to erase their memories, they are trying to use them to communicate with aliens – and to use them as a weapon. Hynek then shows Fuller the symbol, and Fuller pours gas on himself and lights himself on fire. As he burns, he doesn’t move, or flinch, or make a sound. Quinn is there in the nick of time to pull Hynek away from Fuller and trying to save him. It’s pretty clear – and confirmed by Valentine and Harding at the end, that the symbol is Fuller’s “off switch” – how they control them.

On the homefront, Joel (Nicholas Holmes) is fascinated by the man assigned to guard their house. It’s also attracted the neighborhood’s attention. Mimi has a visit from Donna (Heather Doerksen). She brings cookies –and proves herself to be a bigoted busybody. She is less than subtle and mentions that her husband suggested that the Hyneks were under house arrest! Mimi says it has to do with Hynek’s work and is just a formality. However, on the way out, Donna once again shows her true colors when she asks if Hynek is a slovac name – there’s that communist paranoia again!

When Hynek gets home, he is clearly shaken by the Fuller incident. He watches Mimi sleep for a bit and writes in his diary that he still has so many questions. He calls Quinn to try to get some answers. He’s disturbed by the fact that Fuller didn’t move or call out as he burned – that’s far from natural! Quinn tells him it wasn’t his fault and to get some sleep.

The next day, Susie drops by the base first thing in the morning for her follow up appointment with Quinn and to put her own plan into motion. First, she reveals that she is now separated – and takes off her sunglasses to reveal her black eye. She’s read Quinn perfectly – of course he’s now going to be protective and chivalrous. She then pushes to take the meeting somewhere less formal. She even reaches out to stroke the medals on his chest and flatter him. Quinn agrees to go for the drink – even if it is a little early, even for him!

I was really happy to see Quinn and Hynek’s partnership become more of a true partnership. It’s also clear that they are going to be up against Valentine, Harding, and Fairchild when it comes to really uncovering the truth – so the government conspiracy is really coming along. I wonder if Susie will now concentrate her efforts on Quinn and back away from Mimi. What did you think of the episode? Are you becoming more of a believer like Quinn? And of course, we got the excellent news this week that the show has been renewed for a second season! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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