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Project Blue Book - Foo Fighters - Advance Preview

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Project Blue Book “Foo Fighters” was directed by Norma Bailey, whose other credits include Outlander, Reign, and Mary Kills People. The episode was written by Emily Brochin. Look for one of my favorite Canadian actors to guest star – Patrick Gallagher, playing Randall Kavanagh.

The episode begins at the WCQU Radio Tower in Terre Haute, Indiana. Hynek (Aiden Gillen) and Mimi (Laura Mennell) get a visit from both General Valentine (Michael Harney) and General Harding (Neal McDonough).

Hynek deciphers what Fuller (Matt Bellefleur) was trying to say. Quinn (Michael Malarkey) pays Susie (Ksenia Solo) a visit. Her superiors aren’t happy. Susie puts a new plan in motion.

Hynek follows his clue to a surprising destination and yet another photographer (Nadine Lewington). Fairchild (Robert John Burke) is not happy with Harding, and makes him desperate.

Hynek and Quinn follow a lead to Missouri and don’t get a warm reception. They meet yet another interested group. Hynek gets a new perspective on what’s really going on. We learn what that strange symbol means.

Mimi has a visit from Donna (Heather Doerksen). She brings cookies – and something else that’s not quite as pleasant.

Don’t forget to tune in to History on Tuesday at 10pm!

And just a few dialogue teases….

They’re… very provocative.
Something’s not sitting right.
It’s a little early for that.
Most important thing now is you remain quiet.
I’m as confused as you are.
This isn’t normal, Allen.
Don’t they work for the enemy.
I had every right to defend myself.
Guess we’d just be doing our jobs, then.
Said the guys who just tied me to a chair.
The last guy they sent me needed to lose 20 pounds.

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