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Manifest - Upgrade - Review

The Church of the Returned

Since returning, Adrian, a Flight 828 passenger, capitalized on the popularity and the mystery behind Flight 828's return and started his own church, The Church of the Returned. He's making people believe that the Flight 828 passengers are some kind of saints or angels. A member of this church with a very sick husband so thoroughly believes in that that she contacts Saanvi to ask her to help her husband. Saanvi doesn't think she can do anything, but goes anyway, and discovers that, yes, she can't do anything for him. But Saanvi has a total Doc Martin moment when the woman, Alice, unaccepting of what Saanvi's saying, goes crazy and decides to hold her hostage with a gun until she cures her husband. But Saanvi can't, and convinces Alice's husband of that, who then tries to convince Alice, but Alice ain't having it

When Ben goes to the hospital to talk to Saanvi, she's not there even though she's supposed to be, and finds a flyer of the church in her office with Alice's handwriting. He investigates the church to find Saanvi and talks to Adrian, who's putting up a front claiming he truly believes they are saints. He finds Alice's notes to Adrian asking for help with her husband and uses her handwriting to match it to the woman who went to see Saanvi. He and Mick arrive at the married couple's apartment and see through a window that Saanvi is being held hostage. Instead of waiting for backup, Ben jumps right in there to save the day because he is a one man army. He scoffs at the thought of backup and help from actual police officers.

Ben shows up pretending to be the healer she believes them to be, keeping up the charade long enough for Alice to put her guard down and Mick to sneak up from behind and take her into custody. He tells Adrian what happened to shame him, but he has no shame, just lots of dollar bills from his congregation.

Jared is terrible again and bringing Mick and Lourdes down with him

Jared is once again being terrible to his wife. Not only is he still putting the moves on Mick, but he's pretending that everything is okay with his wife. Listen, if you want to be with Mick, then clearly you don't want to be with Lourdes, so why not just end things with her instead of keeping her around like a consolation prize? Give her that respect, man, at least. Lourdes picks up on Jared's poor treatment of her, and senses that it's because of something going on between Jared and Mick. She confronts Mick who all but admits that something is going on, and then Lourdes does the whole Good Wife thing by blaming the mistress and not the husband. Lourdes blames her for breaking up her marriage. Mick goes to Lourdes and Jared's home to talk to her more, but she's not there. Jared, who is there, tells her she left. Jared is not happy about Mick telling her but still uses this opportunity to try to get with Mick. YOUR LOVING WIFE LEFT DEVASTATED BECAUSE YOU CHEATED ON HER AND THIS IS ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT? Ugh. But anyway, Mick says she loves him but finds yet another excuse to not be with him, to drag this awfulness out longer. Can she please get a calling to just drop Jared forever and get with Zeke? That'd be great, calling gods, thanks.

Zeke the Cal Whisperer

Mick invites Zeke to move in with her because she has an extra room since Ben moved back home, it looks like. Zeke isn't quite ready to rejoin the real world, so he accepts. After having some flashbacks to a sweet moment with his sister, he gets the first calling of the episode. He sees himself, or someone, being attacked by a wolf. Cal, again, hones in on someone else's calling but doesn't want to talk about what he sees. When everyone tries to get answers from him, he says no. After all that's gone down since coming home from Flight 828, Cal doesn't want to do this anymore.

Zeke also still doesn't want anything to do with all of this, but mostly he just doesn't want anything to do with his family. But, Grace has a heart-to-heart with Zeke about the importance of him getting back in touch with his family. He thinks his return is a fluke and he's not special, and then she reminds him Cal wouldn't have risked his life to save him if that were true. So Zeke tries to help Cal, who turns out is afraid he's making things happen by drawing them. Zeke challenges him to draw something and make it happen, so draws something and it doesn't happen. This makes Cal feel better that he's just predicting the future, like that's not also still a big deal. He finally feels comfortable enough to draw what he saw. Isn't just telling them an option? Imagine having to wait there for 15 minutes for really important information, especially when it turns out he saw a wolf attacking Mick. Just as he finishes, Mick is at the docks where a van is pulled out of the water and there's a body in the passenger seat. When she opens up the door, the passenger springs to life, howling at her, but is held back by the seatbelt. If Cal had just told them, they could have warned Mick about that quite a bit earlier.

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