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How To Get Away With Murder - Season 5 Finale Advance Preview: "Rather Unsatisfying"

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How To Get Away With Murder wraps its fifth season tomorrow night at 10|9c on ABC. I've had a chance to watch the episode in advance and I really don't know what to think.

Firstly, this finale goes quick. It's perhaps the most fast paced episode this season. That being said, it's reasonably tight and concise, but your recall game needs to be on point because there's several flashbacks and previously unknown moments that cause significant shifts in direction, and may also drastically change what you think of multiple characters.

As you would expect, the Castillo story arc is very prominent, and culminates in a shocking, albeit unremarkable cliffhanger ending which provides a possible sixth season with some decent initial material. The Lahey Sr and Miller deaths receive what could be described as partial resolution, however I'll let you be the judge of that. The students' allegiances are tested as well, and I think the episode's title gives more away than what one might think.

Overall, this finale is far from the best the series has produced, It's rather unsatisfying for the most part, but that's just my opinion and many people will think differently.

Here's a few dialog teasers to keep you entertained. Have a guess at who you think said what in the comments below, and throw any questions about the finale down there too and I'll have a crack at answering them.

1. I didn’t wanna hire her anyway. It was your penis that decided that.

2. Choose Annalise or choose your mother.

3. If I show you this it means I’m trusting you with my life.

4. He has no one. Meanwhile we all have each other.

5. Take action now, ask for forgiveness later. That’s what Annalise would do.

6. Annalise, you’ve done so much to protect me, so I just wanna say thank you.

Thanks for reading! Check back right after the finale for my full review.

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