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Good Trouble - Imposter - Review

This week on Good Trouble:
Callie discloses her connection to Malika to Judge Wilson before Ben has the opportunity to tell him and Judge Wilson tells Callie that as long as she doesn’t discuss the case with Malika, there is no reason for him to take her off the case. She starts questioning if she’s still on the case because she knows about Judge Wilson’s son and his arrest so she asks Jamie for help in this episode with what she should do. We find out that Judge Wilson’s son was arrested in Berkeley so there is no conflict of interest with the police in LA. At the end of the episode we find out that Judge Wilson might have a conflict of interest in the case now because LAPD announces its new chief of police which is the CA chief of police who was involved with Judge Wilson's sons arrest.

Callie and Jamie also helps Gael and his sister Jazmin with legal advice in this episode because Jazmin has some legal issues. I like the fact that we get to see more of Gael outside of his relationship with Callie. We find out that he has been offered a full time position at Speckulate and that he is going to take it. He still thinks that he can focus on his art but he believes that the job at Speculate is a good opportunity. Gael also sees Callie and Jamie kiss when Jamie is leaving the Coterie. I’m sure this love square or whatever we’re calling it will come to a conclusion in upcoming episodes, and I honestly have no idea what I want to happen. I kind of like Callie with Jamie, but I also like Gael. I think that both guys are good for Callie in different ways but I’m even more interested in Callie’s job situation and her life outside of her love life, even if that’s also interesting.

Mariana is being left out of an existing project that her team is working on. Seriously, I cannot stand Alex and I get madder and madder that he’s such a jerk with every episode that we see. Anyways, Mariana agrees to help Raj with his part at the Coterie but Raj ends up kissing Mariana and they are kind of avoiding each other the entire episode until Mariana gives him a piece of her mind about how inappropriate it was for him to kiss her. Mariana also has two weird conversations with Evan, but I honestly find Evan such an intriguing character, I hope we do get to see more of him because I feel like there’s a lot to explore there. At the end of the episode, we see Mariana send an email to all the women at Speckulate about a Women in tech “Fight Club” which I’m sure we’ll get to hear more about in upcoming episodes.

Dennis and Davia are at each other's throats this entire episode because Dennis thinks that Davia is just judging everyone and I honestly liked that he called her out because I agree. She has been really judgmental against everyone else but she’s still the one that is sleeping with a married man. Dennis and Davia do have a nice conversation at the rooftop towards the end of the episode after Davia met Dennis’s ex-wife which I really enjoyed. I’m glad we got to find out more about Dennis and his past because I appreciated that in the last episode.

Favorite character:
I really liked all the characters in this episode actually. Even Davia but that was more towards the end of the episode. But if I had to pick a favorite it would probably have to be Callie. I liked that she came clean about Malika and that she tried to help Gael and Jazmin as best as she could. That’s the Callie we all know and love from The Fosters. The girls that’s just trying to help everyone as much as she possibly can.

Favorite scene:
I really liked the scene where Davia and Dennis sing a song on the rooftop. It was just such a nice change from all the drama that happened in this episode. Other than that, I really like all the scenes with Callie and Jamie because I think they have a really nice banter going on. They have some really flirty and funny scenes, but also some more serious when they talk about work and I really liked the balance that we got to see with their scenes.

Favorite quotes:
Jamie to Callie: “You’re my favorite client”

Callie to Mariana: “Don’t doubt yourself, you’re a superstar!”

What did you think about this episode of Good Trouble? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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