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Doom Patrol - Pilot - Advanced Preview: "Origins"

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DC Universe`s 2nd outing makes its splashing premiere this Friday and it is just as good as Titans if not better. The first glimpse of the Doom Patrol introduced during Titan`s first season was just a smear compared to what we are getting in the first 56 minutes. And while Doom Patrol is darker and grimmer than Titans in many ways its honesty and sharp writing brings light to the show I really didn`t expect.

A very big portion of the episode is dedicated to Brendan Fraser`s Cliff aka Robotman. His backstory is complicated and messy and just when you think everything fell in place a bunch of new reveals throws you completely of the track. And while this episode does feature more of Brendan Fraser I never believed that a voiceover while a piece of iron moves can carry so much emotion. Brendan Fraser`s modified voice carries a ray of different emotions, creating a complex Robotman who despite his messy storyline turns into a character to root for.

The newest member of the Doom Patrol, Crazy Jane, played by Diane Guerrero is one major blast. Playing the schizophrenic powerful Meta allowed Diane to show off her acting and she just blows you away. I know Diane from various projects and she was a type-cast mostly. The Crazy Jane role goes beyond anything she did before and made me truly excited to see what comes next for her and her character down the line.

The backstories for Matt Bomer`s and April Bowly`s respective characters Negative Man and Elasti-Woman aren`t as deeply cut and profound but serve up the characters well and provide just the right dose of information to keep the characters stories interesting. Especially Larry Trainor aka Negative Man has a couple more secrets in the closet than expected.

And while the episode provides a lot of backstories, it makes just as big moves in the current timeline which will serve as a stepping stone for this seasons arc. The shows brutal honesty and perfect use of all of Jane`s personalities create a really personal experience. The show has many emotional ups and downs, representing all the emotions these messed up character go through. The burden they carry while trying to face the outside world collides into a dark story with a core of light. The cast chemistry is on point and each character gets enough space to shine and play to its strengths turning this into a captivating hour of streaming Television.

That`s a wrap on my side. I do hope you enjoyed my slight insight into the world of the Doom Patrol. Your job is to tune in and find out if this group of complete misfits works for you. Doom Patrol premieres on DC Universe on February 15th.

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