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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - I Need Some Balance - Review: I'm Dating My Uncle

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Out of every single episode thus far on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - and there have been quite a few - this has to go down as the craziest yet. I'll admit, I haven't seen Cats (the musical). But if it's anything like this episode, I think I'll pass. That being said, I don't think I laughed harder in an episode. Let's dive in...

Up first we meet: Hungry Cat. Hungry appears to Rebecca (in a dream) because girl is thirsty. Which is completely fair since she experiencing a lot of pent up sexual tension after years of feelings for Josh, Greg, Nathaniel, and now New-Greg. Tension that she first tries to release with I kid you not - She Smash, "porn for feminists."

Next we are introduced to: Itchy Cat. After wearing the wrong workout pants, Rebecca develops a nasty yeast infection, unfortunately this is just as Rebecca starts hitting it off with her date.

Which leads us to: Funky Cat. I don't think I can explain this cat better than he explains himself..."I’m the funky cat and I appear when something funky is going on around here." GOLD.

Only to be followed by: Elated Cat. Elated Cat is probably my favorite of the bunch. Not only is she Team Greg (#teamgreg), but she's covered in rainbows and dances her feelings. She only comes around when it's a good time, but this is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend so it's obviously short-lived.

By the episode's end group is finally rounded out by: Nostalgia Cat (and Doggy Dog). Not much to say except Nostalgia cat is one sad pussy.

In other plotlines, a mustache-less Darryl returns to the firm only to realize he's been replaced by Bert. Thankfully, Father Brah is able to come in and lead a mediation circle (even though it doesn't go exactly as planned). And in even more shocking news, Nathaniel and New-Greg become friends! This bromance was doomed from the start, but before that we get a lot of fun moments, especially when they share they'd love to get back with their ex.

Scene Stealer:

Rachel Bloom. My ever-growing love letter to her will now open with, "Thank you Rachel Bloom for accurately portraying a yeast infection on television. You’re honesty and bravery knows no bounds."

Quote(s) Out of Context:

Valencia: But please - don’t sleep with my dad Rebecca.
Rebecca: Hahahaha
Valencia: No seriously, I need you to say it.
Rebecca: Okay, I won’t sleep with Jorge...even though he does have kind eyes and a beautiful corazon.
Rebecca: I’m kidding!

Maya: Everything you said was super smart. And I just wanted to ask, What are you doing later, and do you like oatmeal draft lattes? ‘Cause I do.

Father Brah: I’m a priest
Maya: I’m a Capricorn. I think this could work.

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