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American Housewife - Mo' Money, Mo' Problems - Review: "YULETOE!"

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This week the Ottos try new things. Taylor tries being responsible. Oliver tries being rebellious. And Greg and Katie try blowing money on themselves. Predictably, nothing goes as planned.

Oliver and Taylor, are per usual, polar opposites. Oliver's spending all his time at home studying and avoiding having a social life since his break-up with Gina. Katie and Greg want him to let loose and even add an hour to his curfew. (Maybe it's because I grew up in the country where there wasn't anything to do. But do kids actually have curfews? Is that a thing?) Taylor takes this as an opportunity to get an hour added to hers as well. Katie knocks this down with a simple explanation "Taylor - Bad, Oliver - good." No way Little Miss Poor Choices is getting another hour to do exactly that. Of course, Taylor then rags on Oliver for being such a goody-two-shoes, telling him his life will suck. This inspires Oliver to start considering what he can do to be less sensible (something more than going out for BBQ and not "even bringing a stain stick!"). So, he and Cooper accept an invitation from two girls in their class to come to a party.

Katie's gotten a work bonus. Although she initially wants to spend it on 3 digit thread count sheets, Greg disagrees. He says that since they share his salary, they should also share hers and should decide what to do with the money together. After consulting with Angela and Doris, Katie reluctantly realizes that Greg is right and the two decide to do something out of character and splurge on a night at a fancy hotel in town.

When they inform the kids, Anna-Kat isn't too happy to find out she's being left with Taylor for the night. She keeps trying to get Taylor to play with her and Taylor keeps refusing. After finally getting her to play video games, Taylor leaves her for dead in the game and takes her weapons. (And for once, I actually agree with Taylor, it's every woman for themselves in video games!)

As Katie and Greg enjoy the night in the lap of luxury, Oliver decides to get rebellious. Cooper's chauffeur was supposed to take them to the party, but he's sick. (Yes, Cooper, life must be real hard for you...) So, Oliver realizes it's his chance to be bold and decides to pull the old "borrowing the family car" move. (I started laughing when he decided to go that route because I knew what was coming. My dad did the same thing as 15, and let me tell you - it did not end well for him!) Oliver and Cooper make it to the party unscathed. When they get there, the girls they like come over and started asking them how they got there. As Oliver proudly brags that he drove there without a license because he's "not afraid of getting into a little trouble," one of the girls speaks up and says "And apparently, you're not afraid of leaving the car in neutral!" Sure enough, the car has taken off! A hilarious scene of Oliver and Cooper chasing the car and Cooper yelling for the car to "COME BACK!," while the girls they like giggle and film them, ensues. Unsurprisingly, Oliver and Cooper aren't able to catch the car and it rolls right into a tree.

At the very moment Oliver's crashing the car, Katie and Greg are dining on shrimp cocktails and macadamia nuts and lamenting not needing an emergency fund. Unfortunately, their celebration doesn't last too long. Greg has an allergic reaction to the macadamia nuts and the two realize they're going to have to go home to get his prescription allergy cream.

At home, Taylor half-asses attempting to tuck Anna-Kat into bed and Anna-Kat tells her that the reason she was so mad about the game is because Taylor never looks out for anyone but herself. It's obvious this bothers Taylor, but before she can think too much about it, she has a bigger problem on her hands. Oliver and Cooper have just gotten home, wrecked car and all. But not to worry! They've decided Cooper will just use his credit card to replace the car with an identical one before morning. ("Let's throw money at this problamo!")

When Taylor informs them that Greg and Katie are actually on their way back, Oliver and Cooper's perfect plan takes a serious detour. They decide to make it look like a tree fell on the car, only they cover the car with tree branches that are from a different kind of tree than the one directly above the car! Katie and Greg catch on almost immediately. And then something surprising happens. Taylor steps up and says she's the one who crashed the car.

Later, Taylor tells Oliver that she's finally starting to get what Greg said about always being there for your siblings. When Katie and Greg dish out punishment, Oliver sees just how much Taylor is willing to give up. They demand she quit the spring musical and spend her time working a part-time job to pay them back. Not wanting Taylor to have to drop out of the musical, Oliver comes clean and admits that his attempt to be rebellious went way too far.

Ironically, Oliver's desire to get over Gina hits a serious wall. Where does he end up having to get a job? Her family's restaurant! Even more hilarious, Cooper, who's realized the only sort of parental guidance he's going to get is from the Ottos and has more or less decided to be a member of the family, takes punishment as well and gets a job as the restaurant busboy!

Random Thoughts:
-I agree with Oliver. Your pep talks aren't very relate-able Cooper!

-$12 for hotel macadamia nuts!?! I'm with Greg, that's insane!

-Best line of the night goes to Anna-Kat when talking about Taylor ("She'd sell me for a Forever 21 gift card!") Yeah, I have to admit, I've had that thought about my younger sibling too a few times! I could use some new threads!

-I loved Katie's packing a loot bag at the hotel. Been there, done that!

-I just about rolled at Gina's uncle's comment to Cooper about the Parmesan cheese - "I could go get it, but then I will put it someplace you don't want it."

-If there's one thing this episode has reinforced in me, it's that an emergency fund is always a good idea!

What did you think of Oliver's attempt at teenage rebellion? Were you surprised at Taylor's selflessness? Let me know below!

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