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American Housewife - Baby Fever - Review: "Evil Katie/Good Katie"

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Should Katie and Greg have more kids? That depends on who you ask!

Katie's decided it's time for Anna-Kat to start growing up, and by growing up, that means going to her first sleepover. After-all, Anna-Kat's about to be 10, Taylor and Oliver are teenagers, and Katie's realized that means she and Greg are only a few years away from hanging up the parenting towel. And she's thrilled about it! That idea is easier said than done though. Anna-Kat has no desire to spend a night away from home and Greg doesn't see the need to rush her. She is their last baby after-all. Katie's resolves that Anna-Kat's going whether she likes it or not because she's ready to be done with having little kids.

Unfortunately, Viv has other ideas! She's decided this single mom thing isn't all it's cracked up to be and wants Katie and Greg to watch Violet for a few hours while she goes down to the bars and tries to score an investment banker, and Greg's only too happy to oblige. The plans change from Katie and Greg taking Violet for a few hours to them taking her for a full night when Viv's dipstick ex-husband Alan, who's apparently spent a year being a nuisance in India, shows back up claiming to be a changed man. Viv swears she can lock Alan down if she just has a night, but that means Katie and Greg don't just have to watch Violet, they have to pretend she's theirs. Yeah, Viv hasn't actually told Alan she's had a baby yet. Katie sees that having Violet around is causing Greg to want another baby, so Angela and Doris advise her the best way to get in front of this problem is to make Greg watch Violet by himself for the whole night. If that doesn't scare him out of having another kid, nothing will.

Meanwhile, Taylor finds herself dealing with her own problem. She wants to "borrow" a pair of new expensive earrings from Katie. Only, Katie plans to return them and get her money back now that she's already worn them to her business dinner, so Taylor's out of luck. If only things could be so easy! Before Taylor has a chance to give them back to Katie to return, Luther eats them right off her vanity! Taylor attempts to enlist Oliver for help in "retrieving" them, but understandably, Oliver isn't interested. So what does she do? She feeds Oliver's golden cuff-links from Spencer to Luther. Now he's going to have to be interested!

While Taylor and Oliver slap on the rubber gloves and get ready to dissect some poop, Katie realizes that her plan to scare Greg isn't going as well as it should be. Violet's just too well-behaved to scare him. So, Katie takes a break from that battle and focuses on getting Anna-Kat out the door to her sleepover, which she is actually able to do. However, not long after dropping Anna-Kat off, she gets a call from her. They're all playing stuffed animal tea-party and Anna-Kat forgot hers, so she needs Katie to bring her one, otherwise, she's "going to be stuck using an oven mitt like an idiot!" Katie says she'll be right there. When she gets to the house, she discovers Anna-Kat played her. There's no stuffed animal tea party. Anna-Kat just wants to go home! Katie tells her that she can't give up just because something's tough, and that the sleepover is an opportunity for her to make some good friends. Besides, it's about to be "decorate your own cupcake" time! (Even if that does make Anna-Kat think she's in hell!)

Speaking of being played, Oliver and Taylor are waiting patiently for Luther to do his business. When he finally does, the earrings are right there! But Oliver's cuff-links aren't. Oliver starts to freak out and Taylor pulls the cuff-links out of her pocket. She explains that she would never actually feed the dog cuff-links, she just needed to trick Oliver into helping her. "For the dumb one," Oliver's pretty impressed at her antics.

Viv stops by to breastfeed Violet before she goes out with Alan. Apparently, though, one thing Alan and Viv do share is a pennant for walking into the Otto house unannounced, and he walks right in on Viv breastfeeding Violet. The charade's over. Alan says that the old him would have gone running, but his Swami Gary taught him to think before he acts. So he has an offer. He'll stay with Viv and give her everything she ever wanted if she lets him hire a brigade of nannies to raise Violet and send her off to Swiss boarding school as soon as she's old enough. Yeah, he hasn't changed that much.

As much as the possibility not having Viv in her hair thrills the evil side of Katie, Greg reminds her that the good side knows they need to talk Viv into turning Alan down, because Violet belongs with her mom. Katie knows he's right and the two convince Viv that she's capable of raising Violet, and she kicks Alan to the curb. After-all, she'll always have them for backup!

The next morning, Anna-Kat comes home unscathed from the sleepover and admits she's glad she went. Although Katie's a little sad that her youngest is growing up (Anna-Kat's decided to call her "mom" instead of "mama," because that sounds more grown-up!), her answer is still a firm "no" when Greg suggests they have more kids!

Random Thoughts:
-Katie teaching Viv how to steal condiments from restaurants was too funny!

-Funniest line of the night goes to Alan, "Namaste. That's a really neat phrase I learned. It means amaze-balls." Sure it does Alan, sure it does...

Were you surprised that Viv turned Alan down? How about the fact that Taylor finally one-upped Oliver? Let me know below!

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