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You're The Worst - The Intransigence of Love & The Pin in My Grenade - Double Review: Stronger Than Ever

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"Why is something new somehow better?"

The Intransigence of Love

There's not a lot to say about the last episode so I thought I'd do a double review. The first episode was one of those odd ones this show tends to do, for the first half of it, if it wasn't for the presentation, you'd be convinced you tuned in at the wrong time. Later we find out these strange characters we've been watching are the representation of Jimmy and Gretchen's love story very creatively told so that they could get some free champagne while they shop for a wedding planner. By the end of the episode Gretchen is worried the fact they make up love stories is because they're ashamed of theirs but Jimmy says it's beautiful, because it's messy, just like life, so these two seem to be stronger than ever.

The Pin in My Grenade

The second episode, however, gave us a lot more of their current state of mind. After getting tired of talking to wedding planners they're done, Lindsay and Edgar offer to do it but they have their mind set in a quick elopement. I have to say I loved Jimmy trying to be better for Gretchen who's apparently been teaching him how to listen without trying to solve everything. Even though they both agree there's no need for a wedding, Gretchen gets an unexpected package, a wedding album she made when she was a kid that starts haunting her and making her have doubts about eloping.

She even Skypes with Justina who tries to help but as always Gretchen understands whatever she wants and says she should try a wedding dress Lindsay brought her, the session seems normal until we learn Justina thought Gretchen was marrying Boone, and when she realizes it's Jimmy she tries to save her patient (who hasn't payed her in months) but Gretchen just closes the computer on her, which was hilarious. Gretchen proceeds to put on her dress and try on a new high tech toilet which she got by me-tooing a guy on purpose (though he actually was a creep), in any case this date with the toilet takes her longer than expected and she misses her appointment at City Hall.

In the meantime Edgar sets his sights on convincing Jimmy to have a proper wedding, Jimmy seems convinced that an elopement is a good fit for their crazy romance but then Edgar gets him to start describing the perfect wedding. Jimmy gets lost in his own tale and misses the City Hall appointment as well, which Edgar suggests it's a sign he should have a full on wedding. Jimmy's scared Gretchen thinks he abandoned her again and calls her, but she also feels guilty so she refuses to pick up and concocts a ridiculous plan to get Lindsay to punch her so she can say she was assaulted on her way to City Hall, which Lindsay takes as a good way of getting revenge for a comment Gretchen said about her never loving anyone.

When Gretchen gets home she realizes Jimmy didn't show up either so she tries to make him feel guilty, which really works at first, and let me just say Chris Geere was amazing here, but then, she exaggerates a bit too much on the description and he realizes she didn't show up either, luckily instead of bringing drama this makes them accept they both want a proper wedding as they watch a video of young Gretchen planning her future wedding, so they decide to pick a date which was a super cute scene. I'm really enjoying watching these two actually be happy but I'm afraid this show could never be what it is if they remain that way, I just hope after the inevitable pain to com they're able to go back here.

"Now, fix my problem."

What did you think of these episodes? How do you think it'll end? I look forward to your comments.

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