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Young Sheldon - A Race of Superhumans and a Letter to Alf - Review: Homo Novis

Sheldon wants to create a race of superhumans. What else is new?

When Missy needs help with her math homework Sheldon realizes that, as a teacher, you can have quite some power over your students. He believes that if he could teach someone as dull as his sister how fractions work, he can teach her anything else as well. Sheldon has this vision to make her to some kind of super-human. She would be the prototype for his new species, the "homo novis". When he conducts some further research on the topic he comes across Socrates’s statement that humans already possess all the knowledge, it just needs to be activated. He is confident that he will find a way to activate Missy’s knowledge. He uses a new method to condition his sister: reward and punishment. Very dog-like. When Missy does not want to cooperate and study with him, Sheldon goes ahead and cuts a strand of hair from Missy‘s favorite doll. That is her punishment. However, this does not motivate Missy one bit to study with Sheldon. Instead, she hits him in the face.

While Sheldon is trying to create homo novis, Georgie has decided to become a Christian. Not because he has found God, it is because he found Veronica. Remember the girl he went on a date with in the Halloween episode? She comes by the Cooper‘s house to join Mary‘s bible study group. There really is no other way for Georgie than to participate as well and to pretend to be a devout Christian. The only way to get close to Veronica apparently is through god.

Georgie keeps up the charade for days. He even decides to get baptized together with Veronica. When the girl gets "bathed“ in holy water Georgie’s brain shuts down. He kisses her. In church. During their baptism. In front of 80 conservative, Christian people. Veronica responds by hitting him in the face.

Lot’s of punches were thrown in this episode. How did you like the storylines? Let us know!

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