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The Resident - Fear Finds a Way - Review: "#OutbreakHospital"

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“Fear Finds a Way” had all the makings for a fantastic episode, unfortunately, in the end, it wasn’t even a great episode. While I loved the medical aspect of it, the relationship aspect of it ruined the episode in my opinion. It left a sour aftertaste in my mouth. “Fear Finds a Way” left me feeling so mad. #Shameful

The emergency room is packed; it’s flu season. Irving and Devon are slumped. There are too many patients, and not enough doctors. They need to get creative. Alex is allowed out of the free clinic and granted privileges at Chastain in order to help herd the masses. It’s easy to understand where Dr. Shaw was coming from when he told the relatively healthy patients they were safer at home, instead waiting in this germ infested cesspool. Illnesses can spread so quickly in close proximity. The germ infected cough had me shivering. Lady, for the love of god, put your hand in front of your mouth. #CoverIt

“That’s quite the zebra.” -Devon

Adding to the flu epidemic is a viral outbreak. It first hits one of Nic’s favorite guards, one she met during her stint in prison. It was a nice call-back, they haven't talked about much this season. Nic and Conrad are working together on Meg’s case, and they bring in Alex so he can reassure them, as he is an infectious disease doctor. While medically relevant, Alex is also thrust in there so we can see how differently Nic acts around Alex and Conrad, a contrast that was quite easily noticeable. #TrianglesRuinEverything

After a series of tests, the trio end up quarantining the prison guard, fearing she had contracted a type of flu they might not have a cure for. It was just the right amount of tension and drama, a great sequence in the episode. I felt the emotion, the urgency. When Alex, wants to find patient zero at the hospital, Nic proposes to help him out. The teams go through a bunch of theories on what illness is making Meg sick, but when another patient of the emergency room gets the same symptoms, he is also quarantined beside Meg, and the magnitude of what is happening hits Bell. #Carriers (FYI, also the title of an old-ish zombiemovie Emily Vancamp starred in.)

“I heard what you said. I made the call. Let’s get back to work.” -Nic

Nic puts herself in danger when she goes to help Meg without her suit on. It could have been an emotional moment, instead, it was her being passive-agressive towards Conrad, yet again. This was not a good episode for them. For Nic and Conrad, the episode starts off as he shows her a house he wants them to buy, together. He didn’t get the reaction he is hoping for from his girlfriend, and neither did I. She almost seemed offended by the proposition, and her mood didn’t improve as the episode progressed. I hate drama for drama’s sake, and that’s exactly what seems to be happening here, with them. One day they’re fine, the next they’re not. The two seemed to have so much chemistry, making them start having troubles just as new cute doctors comes into the d├ęcor cheapens their relationship. #NoDramaMama

I hated Nic and Conrad in this one, but I loved AJ and Mina. She finds herself on a mission to bring AJ back in the OR. I always enjoy Mina, but I loved how passionately she fights in this episode. While AJ is extremely pig-headed, so is Mina. They’re an great match as friends, and as colleagues. There was no doubt in my head that she would eventually get through to him. To be honest though, I thought it would take a bit more time. She very, very easily finds out that the valves are defective. They are not strong enough for a more active patient, such as Bradley. I mean, how has nobody realised this before? #ListenYouDamnImbecile

“Dr. Okafor believes in something, or in this case someone. She will swim through a lake of fire and brimstone to reach her objective. You, you led me to believe that my arrogance killed my patient. When in fact, it was the company that makes defective valves and owns you. Disappointing.” -AJ

AJ has taken himself off of his surgeries and has distributed them between the surgeons at Chastain. His calling is now to teach young minds. He wants to learn humility before he can operate again. But, once he listens to what Mina has to say, he realises he’s been duped. He digs deeper and finds information against his mentor. It was a great scene for Malcom-Jamal Warner. AJ, without hesitation, confronts Abe Benedict and gives him a piece of his mind. #A-hole

In other Quovadis news, Bell had his assistant research the last hospital Gordon Page was in business with. I have to say, I kind of dig Grayson. He’s funny, and adorable. Best of all, he really, really gets on Bell’s nerves. What the assistant uncovers is bad news for Bell, who is realising more and more with each moment passing, that he got in bed with the devil. The last CEO who worked with Quovadis jumped to his death. It’s not looking bright for Bell here. #ReapWhatYouSow

Since I liked everything unrelated to Nic and Conrad, and since I have had the time to calm myself down since I’ve watched the episode on Monday, I still give this episode a 7.5/10. Mina and AJ saved the episode for me.

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