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The Gifted - eneMy of My eneMy - Review: The Struckers Reunite

The Gifted is finally back after a long winter break (okay it wasn't that long but it felt long to me!)

We get a glimpse of a simpler time between Lorna, Marcos, and John. They're playing pool and goofing off at a bar where they make a promise to each other to always be there if anything were to happen to one of them. This came into play in a big way in the midseason premiere episode.


It's a battle for one of their own in the Mutant Underground as the group does their best to rescue John after Jace kidnaps him. But unfortunately, John was their best tracker, and without him, they must turn to the Inner Circle for help in rescuing him. Marcos reminds Lorna of the promise the three of them made years ago.

Luckily, Andy is willing to help. Turns out he hasn't forgotten everything John has done for him and others after all. Plus, he really does mean it when he says he believes in the Inner Circle's agenda to save mutants, isn't that what they're all fighting for at the end of the day?

Everyone in the Underground is wary about Andy and Lorna's arrival. After a heartwarming reunion between Andy and his parents it is established they're on their own today. The triplets and Reeva don't know about this secret plan. At least, not yet. While Caitlin and Reed are ecstatic to see their son, Lauren's greeting is lukewarm at best.

I can't say I blame Lauren for being apprehensive. She's been at odds with her brother all season long, in her dreams and otherwise, and she's also seen how much her parents suffered in his absence. Forgiving him won't be so easy. The two Strucker siblings do get a chance to bond and have a heart-to-heat, wherein Andy tells her about his special bond with Rebecca and Lauren expresses her sympathies for her death.

In a refreshing reminder of how the Underground used to be, we get to watch the whole reunited gang storm the Purifier premises and fight for John's life, kicking several Purifier asses in the process.


John is being tortured by Jace and one of the other crazy members of the Purifiers whose name I can't be bothered to remember. John will die before he gives up the Underground, that much is obvious. But he's not against throwing the Inner Circle under the bus.

Jace is still trying to pretend he has any shred of morality left by declining to bloody John up, but has no problem forcing him to listen to obnoxiously loud metal music due to his sensitive hearing ability. But that faux civility doesn't last long. When Lorna and Marcos infiltrate the facility, Jace loses his cool and believes John was lying to him, since moments before he had told him Lorna left the Underground.

He shoots to kill but luckily, he runs out of bullets before he can get in the final blow. Surprisingly, the Other guy, I guess his name is Ted, is the one who convinces Jace to run but Jace has officially gone over the edge. I have a feeling he's going to die by season's end because I can't see any redemption arc for him at this point. That ship has sailed for good.

The Underground is able to get John out of the building but not without a grandstanding from Andy who seems to have gotten a taste for cruelty from his ex-girlfriend. We've always known Andy had trouble controlling his rage but he's gone over the edge now. I mean he has a point about getting rid of the Purifiers but it seems to me he's reaching a dark point of no return. Not to mention his speech feels like he wants to target the Purifiers families, probably full of innocent kids and unwilling participants so we'll see where this leads. I get they would target mutant families but innocence is innocence. Let's just hope he keeps anger pointed towards the right party.

His outburst leads Caitlin and Lauren to conclude they need to destroy the Inner Circle, although I don't think they're the problem as much as Andy himself is. I mean the Inner Circle has some messed up beliefs but thus far we haven't seen them go out of their way to harm innocent humans or imply they want to. This has Rebecca's influence written all over it.


- Wow a Blink and Lauren scene! I'd love to see more of these two together they make for a very sweet friendship.

- Andy is still sympathetic to Rebecca, and look I get that what she went through was terrible and no one should have to suffer torment like that, but I still can't get behind the innate cruel streak she showed even before Sentinel Services caught her. Perhaps they made her more evil but I think that sociopathic aspect of her was there from the beginning.

- It was so nice to see Lorna teaming up with the gang again, especially Marcos. I loved when he complimented her on the headband and called it badass.

- Broke my heart to hear John blames himself for the schism between the mutants. This guy carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

- GOD I HATE JACE. "It's nothing compared to what we're going to do to them." You literally started this whole thing by kidnapping John! All that blood is on your hands.

- Anybody else squeal a little (or a lot) when Lorna kissed Marcos?!



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