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The Big Bang Theory - The Procreation Calculation - Review

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This episode had some more super-exciting news for Amy and Sheldon in store: Physicists from Chicago confirmed their theory on super-asymmetry! They are over the moon and so is President Siebert. This could be a Nobel winning achievement for the couple! A Nobel! Sheldon’s big dream might actually become reality!

When Sheldon and Amy meet the Physicists that confirmed their theory, they are rather disappointed to find out that the men never even had the intention of proving super-asymmetry. They had never even heard of it before! It was merely an accident that their experiment confirmed Sheldon and Amy’s theory. Still, the two scientists promote super-asymmetry like it is their big achievement. Leonard points out, that historically the Nobel always was given to the people doing the experiments, almost never to the scientists who came up with the theory. Sheldon is worried that the two men could steal his and Amy’s big award. The scientists from Chicago, however, have other plans. They have no intention to exclude Sheldon but they want Amy out. Only three people can share a Nobel so this is the only option for them. Amy is not a physicist so, in their mind, she has no business getting that award anyway. Surprisingly, Amy understands and even encourages Sheldon to go ahead with the men's plan and exclude her from the achievement. She does not seem happy about it but she knows that a Nobel is everything Sheldon has ever wanted and she does not want to stand in the way of that.

Amy: I don't want to be the reason that you don't win a Nobel.
Sheldon: You're the only reason I deserve one.

Sheldon might be arrogant and selfish most of the time but deep down he is a pretty decent guy. He presents President Siebert two options: Either he recommends both, him and Amy, to the Nobel committee or none of them. In this case, the physicists from Chicago would get full credit. And Caltech none. Even though he is aware that it will cause a big fight with the scientists from Chicago, Siebert immediately promises to fully back Sheldon and Amy. His agreement came so quickly it made me rather suspicious. I fully expect Siebert to break his promise in the upcoming episodes.

Sheldon: “Amy and I did this together, and I will not be part of an award that does not recognize the value of her contributions. So, you either include both of us in the recommendation letter or don't bother writing one.”

Bernadette also has exciting news to share in this episode. The Anti-inflammatory drug she has been working on for years got approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Now that the medication finally can be sold, she wants Penny to be the head of her sales team. Penny, however, does not want to take the job. She tells Bernadette that her supervisor cannot spare her at the moment. It is a lie that Bernadette uncovers within a few hours. Penny admits that she simply is not sure whether she is qualified enough for the job. After all, she has very little experience in this business and on top of all, she did not even go to college. How is she supposed to do this job? Only when Bernadette uses reverse psychology on Penny the latter finally decidea to give it a try. And it turns out she is really good at it. She is great at bossing people around. Who knew? ;)

What are your thoughts on the episode? Let us know in the comments!

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