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The Big Bang Theory - The Paintball Scattering - Review

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Finally, after all the drama around their research, Sheldon and Amy were able to publish their paper. The reviews are stellar. Other scientists already call it "the discovery of the decade". Suddenly, even President Siebert is courteous to Sheldon and Amy and offers them to join him in the fancy dining room. The cafeteria is not good enough for his star scientists anymore. The university has scheduled some interviews to promote the couple’s research. However, they only want Amy to be present for the interviews since Sheldon’s people skills are non-existent. The latter is not happy about it but lets his wife handle the press. This leads to articles with headlines like “The Neurobiologist who revolutionized physics”. No mention of Sheldon in the headline. Amy talks about him and his contribution in every second sentence but he is still jealous that her role seems to be the main focus of the journalists. When Sheldon finally gets to be present at an interview he is immediately reminded why the university did not want him there to begin with. His people skills are indeed exceptionally bad. The first interview question already upsets him so much that he decides to just leave and wait in the car.

Meanwhile, Stuart is scared stiff. His girlfriend Denise is looking for a new roommate and hints that she actually wants him to move in with her. Stuart's reaction is to run away as fast and as far as possible. He is scared that everything will go to hell when they take this big step. Their relationship is going so well at the moment, he does not want to risk screwing it all up. He decides to give her his house key to show her just how serious he is about them as a couple. Well, the key is actually to Howard and Bernadette’s place but it’s the thought that counts.

While Stuart goes through several phases of anxiety and eventually overcomes it, Raj finds out that Anu has been meeting her ex-boyfriend behind his back. She claims he was just picking up the last of his things that he has left at her apartment but Raj does not know if he can trust her.
“I barely even know you!“, he tells her. She is annoyed by his mistrust and asks him what they are even doing. Why are they even getting married? After all, they really do not know much about each other. They decide to break off their engagement.

What did you think of the episode? Will Raj and Anu get back together again?

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