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Siren - The Wolf at the Door - Advance Preview

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So previously on Siren, things were extremely awkward between Ben and Maddie, a disturbance in the sea caused by the Military led to the mermaids returning to the shore, including Ryn's nemesis Katrina and the revelation that one of said mermaids in the camp is Donna's daughter.

On this Thursday's episode of Siren, our wonderful ot3 have a number of issues. Ryn on land is just about OK as thanks to the guidance of Ben, Maddie and Helen, she has somewhat adapted to her surroundings and knows the basics of right and wrong even if she doesn't understand it.

The other mermaids? Not so much.

As you'll be able to tell from the promotional photos, they wreak havoc at a Gas Station which leads to the Police asking questions, Katrina defies the orders to stay at the house with Maddie and the others, which results in Donna's daughter losing a battle with a wolf, Ryn being extremely annoyed and a tense showdown at said Gas Station.

There's also the issue of the fact one of the mermaids in the group killed Xander's father. He's not at all pleased when he discovers the mermaid is still around, and ends up rather drunkenly getting into a fight with Ben. It is sad to see the two formerly close friends at such odds with each other, and Xander also faces some setbacks of a financial nature which adds to his terrible mood.

One character we see a bit more of this week is Maddie's mum. She and Ben unintentionally end up at a meeting together, but without speaking to each other which leads to some crossed wires and Maddie's mum getting the complete wrong end of the stick. Maddie is still rather reluctant to let her mother back into her life having been let down so many times before, and her mother's attempts to force her way into her life are not appreciated in the slightest. She has good intentions but jumping to conclusions never gets anyone anywhere.

Another person with money on the mind is Helen. She has a meeting with Ben's dad that goes somewhat well, and then an unfortunate meeting with his mother that doesn't go as good, and she is soon plotting away in an attempt to expose suspicions over Helen's heritage.

Whilst there's a lot of drama this week and still continued setup for what is to come, there are two rather cute moments involving Ben teaching Ryn how to drive and then of course the ot 3 reunited together before more drama lands on the door.

The Wolf at the Door airs this Thursday on Freeform and you can look forward to my after episode thoughts!

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