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SEAL Team - Time to Shine - Advance Review

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The tension in this week’s episode of SEAL Team, titled Time to Shine, builds as slowly as a torpedo tube filling with water, culminating with an ending viewers won’t quickly forget.
The episode opens as the team nears the end of a mission. While returning home, a locking mechanism becomes jammed, keeping one of the team from exiting a torpedo tube. Trapped in a tight situation, that becomes increasingly more dangerous, it would be uncomfortable and frightening for any of these characters, but it’s Sonny who gets caught in it. While he keeps his (Sonny level of) cool at the start, he loses that calm as the situation escalates, and the writers have utilized the right character here as Sonny is the most interesting to watch go through this.

SEAL Team this season has felt quite different to season one, and Time to Shine continues that trend. There’s more emotion this season, more character depth and growth, but one thing that stands out beautifully in this episode is how far Sonny and Clay’s relationship has come since its rocky start. There’s a moment, where Clay speaks to Sonny over the radio, that would never have happened in season one without Sonny reacting negatively. It’s nice to see this growth has led them both to places where they truly support and care about one another.

Jason is used to making the calls when it comes to his team while on missions, and it is hard for him to have to take a step back and follow the chain of command on a submarine. His frustration is palpable thanks to Boreanaz’ portrayal of Jason concerned for the life of one of his men. Watch for a much-needed scene where Blackburn puts Jason in his place.

We see how Davis reacts to Sonny’s situation, and she’s on Sonny’s mind too while he fights to stay alive. Other less positive things on Sonny’s mind: tight spaces, water, and sharks.

This is a quieter episode, in many ways than most, but the tension will keep the audience one edge until the very end. And remember this is a show not scared of killing off characters, so if you’re the praying type, you might wish to say a prayer for Sonny in this week’s SEAL Team.

Time to Shine airs Wednesday January 23rd 9/8c on CBS.

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