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Project Blue Book - The Lubbock Lights - Advance Preview

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Project Blue Book “The Lubbock Lights” was written by Harley Peyton and was directed by Pete Travis, whose credits include Fearless, Dredd, and Endgame, so he’s well versed in intrigue and science fiction. Peyton’s other credits include Channel Zero, Dracula, and Twin Peaks (the original run). The show has definitely established a pattern like most procedurals by beginning each episode with a teaser that introduces the case of the episode. Steven Williams guest stars as a friend of General Harding (Neal McDonough).

The episode starts in Lubbock, Texas at an airfield. Donald Keyhoe (Adam Greydon Reid) makes an appearance and is another real life figure who was outspoken about UFOs in the 1950s. Harding ends up in hot water.

Joel (Nicholas Holmes) is not in his bed. Hynek (Aiden Gillen) gets a call in the middle of the night. Tom (Jesse Irving) has a strong connection with Hynek.

Hynek and Quinn (Michael Malarkey) visit Texas Tech University to follow up a lead. Hynek and Quinn have very different views of the campus population. Hynek makes good use of the blackboard. Quinn makes a new friend in Carlton Fanshaw (Tony Alcantar). We get some insight into Quinn in this episode.

Mimi (Laura Mennell) visits with her neighbor Donna (Heather Doerksen), and they discuss current events. Like any good housewife, she goes shopping to keep up with the neighbors – and shows a different side than we’ve seen so far. Mimi gets a surprise visitor. Mimi and Susie (Ksenia Solo) work on a project together.

Be sure to tune in for this episode on tonight on History at 10pm!

And just a few dialogue teases….

I can’t just wait for things to get better.
You’ve got to be the dumbest smart person I’ve ever met.
Just… the craziest thing I ever saw.
We’re being visited by Aliens on a regular basis.
Just the idea of nuclear war. Pure insanity.
So I ran.
We all have the same job to do.
That’s not a story. That’s a wild goose chase.
Our job is to find the truth.
They say he crashed his truck.
What would you do if someone came knocking?
There’s nothing to see here.
You sure it wasn’t something I did?
Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing here.

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