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Mom - Big Floor Pillows and a Ball of Fire - Review: "California Sober"

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Shady characters are back from the past on this week's episode of Mom. And surprisingly, they're not from Bonnie and Christy's past!

Following some horizontal tango, Adam ends his and Bonnie's pleasant night by dropping a not so pleasant bomb. His best friend Mitch is coming to town - that Mitch that hit on Bonnie and Christy. Apparently, Mitch is newly sober and wants to apologize to the two while he's around. Bonnie and Christy aren't too excited about this little reunion, but nevertheless, it occurs. Mitch is offering "amendments." He's all balls of tears and feeling his "feelings" and all that crap. He even asks to tag along to a meeting with Bonnie and Christy.

After the meeting, he goes out with Bonnie, Christy and the girls, where he wins their hearts over by paying for lunch with his Black Card. Afterwards, he and Bonnie head over to Adam's bar, where Bonnie gets the bright idea of bringing Mitch on as an investor. Adam's not so sure about it, but Mitch practically begs him to. After all, isn't part of the Program being of service of others? After Bonnie leaves, Adam has a celebratory beer, and Mitch surprises him - by having a celebratory joint. Apparently he's traded the booze for the buds.

Later, Bonnie tells Adam how amazed she is at how Mitch has changed and praises the wonders of getting sober. And Adam, well, Adam changes the subject!

Bonnie and Adam enjoy sprucing up the bar and putting in some new features, like a neon light (So what if it does look like a penis?). They even walk into the bar to find the place packed - apparently miracles do happen.

Except maybe not. Not only do they find the bar packed - but guess who they find in the middle of it, as snockered as a hillbilly straight from his moonshine still - Mitch! He's toasting to the memory of his Pappy (who apparently he's gonna be "drinking buddies in Hell" with) and his Ma (who's not actually dead yet), and is so far gone he's forgotten to charge the customers. Bonnie's terrified she caused him to relapse by having him invest in the bar, but they quickly figure out that's not the case. "You were never sober, were you?" Bonnie asks. Yes he was, Mitch counters - when he was nine! To say Bonnie's not happy is an understatement. She rips up his Stanley Tucci gifted sweater!

Back at home, Christy is trying to meditate, per Mitch's advice, and seems to be finally have some success when an un-welcome guest arrives banging on the door - Mitch's equally smashed ex-wife Leanne. Apparently Mitch owes her money and she's hear to collect. She's a blubberingly silly drunk one second and a blisteringly angry drunk the next.

Christy quickly takes her down to the bar so she will be "someone else's problem." While Leanne whales on some random guy she thinks is Mitch and (then makes out with him), Bonnie "takes the high road." She tells Mitch that as long as he is drinking, he can't be in their lives.

"What about Chapsnatch?" Mitch asks. (Chat/Snapchat, anyone?) No, there will be no "Chapsnatching! But, if Mitch ever does want real help, Bonnie assures him she'll be there. Unfortunately, Mitch takes this as an invitation to make (another) move on her. Bonnie's not interested in being his "pretty pony" though and decks him. (Go Bonnie Go!)

So, Adam's not gonna be getting that spectacular bar upgrade after all. The one good thing that comes out of the night? Leanne and Mitch are reunited and decide to make up, very "graphically," right there on top of the bar.

Random Thoughts:
-Christy's inner monologue while she attempted to meditate was hilarious!

-Best lines of the night go to the most loaded couple in California - Mitch, drunkenly suggesting a new way for the bar to make money ("I have an idea. I was in a bar in Prague...and they had hookers...and people seemed to like it...I'm just one fights in a hooker bar.") and Leanne, explaining how she got to the apartment ("...I Boobered. That's when you get in a cab and you show the driver your boobs instead of paying.")

Do you think Mitch will ever get his act together? Is Adam ever gonna have some luck with his bar? Let me know below!

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