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Good Trouble - Allies - Review + POLL

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This week on Good Trouble:
Alex takes credit for an app idea that Mariana has but Casey, another female co-worker at the company suggest that Mariana should work harder than everybody else and also make some allies. Mariana then befriends her co-worker Raj who actually seems like a decent guy, especially compared to Alex who is seriously getting on my nerves and we’re only three episodes in. Mariana accidentally spills coffee on Evan (the CEO of the company) who she previously encountered in the elevator in the pilot episode and we later see him asking one of his employees why Mariana did not pitch him the app idea, so it seems like Evan did not actually spring HR on Mariana. After a lot more drama at work during the episode, Mariana decides to go out partying and just collect the paycheck while not doing any work because people don’t take her seriously and appreciate her hard work.

Callie didn’t get fired or removed from the Jamal Thompson case but Judge Wilson wanted her to re-write the memo that Rebecca turned in. Outside of work, Callie is still seeing Gael but he is also still seeing Bryan and I honestly don’t really know where they are taking this storyline but Callie says that she doesn’t have time for a relationship right now anyways which I kind of agree with. She does however meet up with Jamie in this episode and asks for his advice about her work situation. I actually really liked Jamie in the three-part finale so I’m glad he is back.

Gael was preparing for an art show but he met up with his sister, Jazmin, who needed money so Gael gave away the money and could not finish his art piece. Malika is continuing to fight for justice for Jamal Thompson but she’s also struggling with the question if she should go see her mother or not. We get to see some flashbacks to when she and her brother got separated as kids when they went into the foster system. We also find out at the end of the episode that the defense motion to dismiss Jamal’s case is denied by Judge Wilson so they are going to trial.

Favorite character:
It’s not Alex, that’s for sure. I would be so incredibly frustrated if I had to work with someone like him. I totally understand why Mariana seems to have given up on work. Jamie was honestly my favorite character in this episode even if he was only in like three scenes, but I do think that he’s a good friend to Callie even if he most likely wants to be more than that. I think he gave some solid advice and I think it’s good for Callie to have someone who understands her profession to talk things through.

Favorite scene:
I loved the scene between Mariana and Casey where Mariana tried to hide from Evan in the office. It just reminded me of situations I’ve been in where I’ve seen someone that I didn’t want to see and I’ve tried to hide from them. It just looks hilarious when you watch it from an outside point-of-view and I also appreciate that Mariana has Casey that she can talk to about work stuff in that male dominated profession that they are in.

Favorite quotes:
Casey to Mariana: Need to borrow my invisibility cloak?

Callie to Malika: I was in juvie three times, it’s a long story (I honestly like any mention of Callie and Mariana’s past from The Fosters)

What did you think about this episode of Good Trouble? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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