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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Four Movements - Advance Preview: Splash Is Life

This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gina delivers the classiest two-week's notice the world has ever seen.

That's right, last episode, Gina took Jake's words to heart and decided it was about time for her to spread her wings and leave the Nine-Nine!

But Gina is determined to not leave without giving every member of the squad a goodbye they would never forget.

It's a heartfelt episode filled with love, laughter, self-appreciation, risk-taking, drama, and some real-world fears that really strike you where it matters. There's definitely some unexpected tears! (No, really.) And perhaps even some doubt...

Will Gina really leave the Nine-Nine?

That's all I'll say for now, because it's really an episode you have to experience.

  • “Arnie?!”
  • “Jeffords, you bitch.”
  • “First rule of the burn barrel, never ask them what they're burning.”
  • “I got Rosa to feel her feelings too?”
  • “Splash is life!”
  • “Remember, all rich people are monsters so unleash the beast.”

Will Gina really leave the Nine-Nine? To find out, you'll have to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine this Thursday, January 31st @ 9:00 PM EST on NBC!