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Blindspot - The Big Reveal - Review: "Sidelined"

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Last week’s episode seemed like the closing of a chapter. Now, with the whole Remi vs Jane saga is over, the show has to focus on a new enemy, taking down HCI Global. They also need a new mission: finding the cure for Jane. “The Big Reveal” was good, but in the end, it felt quite predictable. The title was more hype than the actual episode. I’ve come to expect more.

In “The Big Reveal,” there was still no tattoo breadcrumb trail to follow. This season has deviated quite a lot from the tattoo solving pattern, and it’s been great. The episode, instead, revolved around the team trying to track down the person that could bring forward the cure for Jane. While she now is all Jane, she still suffers from the Zip poisoning, and from the headaches that come with it. With the lead given by Shepard, the Patterson and Rich dig through Roman’s data cache for the scientist that will be able to help them. They are getting so good at it that it doesn’t even seem like a challenge.

What they discover at first isn’t promising news, the creator of the Zip drug died two years ago. She had discovered that despite the knowledge that the drug was fatal, the company she was working for continued to sell it. The team thought they had hit a dead end. It really didn’t come as much a surprise that the woman had only faked her own death, aided at the time, by Roman.

“Jane, when your brother and I last spoke, he talked about tracking another lead on another batch of Stanton cells. He said it would be difficult, but now I know why he wanted it so badly. It was for you. He loved you.”

During those years, the scientist had worked on a cure for him, and had successfully done so. When the team goes to her hideout, she presents them with the cure, but it’s never that easy. Even if Weller is ready to walk through fire for his wife, there is nothing he can do to save the cure, this cure. All hope is not lost, if they can find another batch of Stanton Cells, Dr. Roga will synthesize another cure.

In this one, Jane prefers to stay on the sidelines, but it’s more like she’s hiding out. She doesn’t quite feel like herself, with all the memories of Remi flooding through her. She feels bad about what she did. It’s understandable, it’s still her memories. It’s still her body that did those terrible things. It’s hard to fully comprehend how Jane must feel, but it’s like Remi was a symptom of a mental illness. A mentally ill person shouldn’t be blamed for their actions so Jane shouldn’t either. What I found odd, was that while it seems hard for Jane to forget what she has done as Remi, for the FBI, it seems like all she did as her evil counterpart can be pushed under the rug, like it never happened. Oh, well.

Kurt finally has his wife back, and seeing so happy made me smile. Don’t get me wrong, I find him and Jane to be extremely corny and sappy, but still, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. They both looked so happy, so in love. I just love love.

One character that was on top of his game here was Rich. The writers have managed a great balancing act with him. He wasn’t too over the top, but he still didn’t lose his Rich-like quality. He was on fire in this episode, with his quips and his quick repartee. He’s funny; he’s intuitive, and he’s always on point. He and Jane share a great conversation in the back of the truck. He opened up in a way he rarely does. He was honest, and caring. He was relevant to what Jane was experiencing. I believe it gave Jane some perspective she hadn’t had before. Rich was truly the mvp for me in this episode. Don’t apologize for who you are Rich, you are awesome.

"I’m sorry for how I am." -Rich

Also a center point of this episode was Tasha who, after being walked, handcuffed through the bullpen at the end of last week’s episode, spent most of the episode in the interrogation room. Reade is taking this one alone, as the team was busy elsewhere and Weitz was nowhere to be found. How is Tasha not priority one here? It does make it more dramatic to have these two battling it out in the interrogation room, because there is a lot of baggage there, but I still wished the rest of the team could have at least pretended to give a crap.

I was kind of disappointed of the reveal with Zapata. I mean, it makes sense that she hasn’t gone all dark and murderous, but I was expecting more. I just wished I’d been surprised. She was deep undercover with the CIA all this time, and the only person that was aware of the mission was Keaton, who now lies in a coma. It’s not looking too good for Tasha.

“I am so sorry for what I have put you through. I can’t imagine what you must have thought of me.” –Tasha

In the beginning, Tasha plays tough. As the time of her meeting in Toronto approaches, she decides to open up to Reade about the mission. Every horrible thing that she has done can be explained. But, without MI-6 or Claudia’s word on what Tasha is saying, it is hard to believe her, especially for Reade.

I understand why Reade is mad, but I feel like the extent to which he is, is a little bit unjustified. It’s part of their job, it was an assignment. He knows that about her. She was told she needed to leave without telling anyone, so she did. Yes, she broke into his home. Yes, she hit him. Yes, she betrayed him. But it was all for her cover. She would be dead without this. In the end, despite being mad, he trusts his gut and lets her go to her meeting. He is now her handler, only her handler. He’s not his friend, his confident. They’re nothing. Ouch.

While the ending of the episode leaves me intrigued about what is to come, I found this episode to be only okay. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. Hopefully next episode is better.

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