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Van Helsing - Loud Love - Review + POLL

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'Loud Love' referred to Axel's love for Scarlett and, to a lesser degree, Flesh' and his missing wife as we see him continue making a downward spiral as he embarked on a new quest of finding his wife. Meanwhile, the Sisterhood advanced on the Denver community.

Normally, the Denver story line has been a complete drag in what has been an otherwise strong season. This is mostly in part due to Doc's unnecessary relationship with the very annoying Jolene.

Thankfully they were kept apart for most of the episode, and instead we got to see more of the bad ass Doc that the show had gradually built towards, but then lost touch of this season. Watching Doc unleash the Vamp on Caitlyn and then letting her suffer a bit before killing her was a gratifying moment. We also saw Doc in a bit of a shootout as she fought the vamps invading Denver, while trying to get to Jolene in time.

I was hoping Jolene would bite the dust this episode, sadly it happened to be Frankie, who I thought was the strongest of the side characters introduced in Denver. However, her death gives Julius extra reason to get vendetta on his former servant Scab and it will surely be a moment when the two inevitably confront each other. Also, with Frankie out of the picture, we will hopefully see a little bit more depth with Julius as he copes with the loss, while also being able to focus more on helping his new friend Flesh find his wife.

Speaking of which, Flesh' downward spiral has been a joy. The show has done a great job developing his character, and through him we really see the negative side effects that the heinous things done as a vamp can have on a turned again human.

Flesh intimidating the asshole record keeper was a humorous scene, and this all led to him finally hitting a new low as he would purposely gets himself arrested so that he can find his wife - the reasoning behind the name of this episode.

Elsewhere, 'Loud Love' also gave us the derivative pregnant lady has a baby before dying because this is the apocalypse story-line. Don't really see the point of having a baby in this show, especially since it is carrying on the legacy of a character we don't really care about, but I guess it gives Barry something to do.

Barry has been an important character to have in this show for the comedic relief he provides. It was great to see him and the San Francisco survivors get some spotlight without Axel by their side. However, this season has way too many plots going on - hopefully they meet up with Julius and/or Doc to converge story lines.

Overall, 'Loud Love' was a strong episode that furthered along Flesh, Doc, and Julius' story line in intriguing directions. We also got to see a bit of Axel who's love for Scarlett cannot be denied. Also, Ivory, Scab, and the Sisterhood have been great antagonists and the episode really solidified them as villains to be taken seriously.


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