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Titans - Koriand'r - Review

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Titans - Koriand'r - Review

OK people who have been hanging on this cliff with me....let's go. Rachel is alone in a dark hallway. She calls out but no one is there. She walks down the hall and sees that she's in a hospital. Something is off as the signage appears to be backwards. She sees a ghostly image of Hank sitting in a chair beside an empty bed. He flickers in and out of reality. Rachel calls out to him but he doesn't hear her. He disappears and Dawn appears, lying in the bed. She too flickers in and out of phase with this reality. A giant fireball bursts into being and we see that Rachel calling out to Hawk and Dove for help matches up with their episode when they saw flashes of her invading their dreams. We see why Rachel has reached out astrally to her friends as in the real world Kory has her neck in her hands and is hurting her! Beast Boy rushes in and gets Kory to unhand Rachel and stop burning her as Rachel's mother comforts her. Kory grabs him by the throat and chokes him. Dick rushes in and Kory tosses Gar at him like he was nothing, taking both of them out! Kory is just about to flame on again and fry Rachel and her mother when a glowing lasso lands around her neck, snapping her out of it. Wonder Girl commands her to stop and she does. Kory pulls on the glowing magic rope and Donna pulls back. Kory pulls harder so Donna yanks Kory forward, leaps into the air, and slam punches Kory to the ground knocking her out! Daaaaaaamn, what a way to start a show.

Rachel explains to Dick that she was just trying to help Kory get her memories back when she attacked her out of the blue. Kory wakes up and is back to normal. She is stunned to learn she attempted to kill Rachel and Angela forcefully tells Dick she wants Kory out of her home. Kory gets a flash memory update of her in her ship and takes off. Dick follows her outside where she tells him she's starting to remember and then takes off in the stolen truck. Dick has Donna awesomely throw a Wonder-tracker(patent pending) onto the vehicle so they can track her. Cool gadget!

Angela tends to Rachel's wounds and tenderly blows on the burns around her neck. Rachel tells her she can sense the conflict within her friend. Angela downplays it. The girl's mother notices a lamp come on in another room and goes to turn it off. As she does a phone begins to ring. Angela answers it but there is nothing but static on the line. Very creepy.

Donna and Dick chase after Kory. They talk about her and Dick explains that what happened wasn't due to the real Kory. The real Kory loves Rachel and has been protecting her. Donna calls Dick out on sleeping with Kory and having a thing for dangerous women. And for messing things up with Dawn, hmmmm she knows the backstory, interesting.

Back at Angela's place she is walking around her garden picking potatoes and other items for her companions to eat. A visitor appears and it turns out to be an old classmate who is now the local sheriff. He's stopped by to check on the place due to some people seeing some cars on the property. He's a nice guy so they chit chat and set up a date for later.

Kory races down the road to a destination somewhere in her head. At the house Gar and Rachel sit at the table while Beast Boy eats. He tries to get her to nibble on something but she isn't hungry. She thinks she hurt or scrambled Kory somehow and that's why she attacked her. Gar reassures her it wasn't her fault and that Dick and Wonder Girl are going to figure it out. Awww he's such a good supportive brother. She responds by telling him to leave.. hermmmm what? She tells him that everyone around her gets hurt after awhile. He tries to comfort her by putting his hand on hers and she lashes out with her evil Raven persona shouting "Don't touch me!" He sits freaked for a second until Rachel apologizes and her mother walks in. Gar gets up and leaves and the two talk about how Rachel wants Gar to go. Angela talks to her daughter and in a nicely acted and scripted moment, tells her she never should have abandoned her. She tells her to hold onto her friends. Meanwhile Gar is examining creepy family photos on the wall and makes his way into the phantom phone and lamp room. He checks out the large mirror on the wall. In it's reflection he sees a horrific version of himself with blood dripping from his mouth. Gar is terrified and confused and can't believe what he's seeing. He's freaked out. The door creaks closed so he opens it and quickly leaves the room. He walks out the front door of the home and checks himself out. He uses his phone on the porch to call Dick but only gets the same weird static that Angela got earlier to come out of it. He looks up and Holy Shit! it's the bloody Dr. Torturer guy from the Asylum that Gar mauled to death standing in the front yard by the tire swing! AHHHH! In a total "American Werewolf In London" moment he sees the ghost of the person he killed standing in front of him, staring right at him. Rachel comes walking out breaking up the illusion. Gar tells her he has a Han Solo bad feeling about her mother's farm and that he's stressed out. Rachel apologizes to him and asks him to stay. They make up and he tells her he's feeling weird and wants to lay down.

Kory drives until she comes to an old abandoned factory. Dick and Donna pull up and Donna and Kory have a funny little exchange about Donna knocking her out. Kory refuses their help and gets another memory flash leading her to snap the chain lock with her bare hands and head into the building. It sounded like her mother's voice ringing in her head. The three walk inside and see nothing until a flash of light appears and a scan begins. They are all examined and then a Giant Spaceship Materializes In Front Of Them! I certainly was not expecting that. But on a planet with Superman and other aliens already I guess it's not that out of the ordinary for Dick and Donna. Kory tells them that this is her ship and proves it by telling it to open up which it does. Kory walks up the ramp inside so Dick and Donna follow behind her.

Angela checks in on the sleeping Gar as Rachel comes upstairs to look at photos and talk to her. They discuss Rachel's powers and how and if she's responsible. Her mother tells her it's not her fault. She tells her she can use her powers for good and that she will use them again. Just then the power dims and the lights flicker. Hmmmm what are they setting up here?

At the factory Dick and Donna walk around Kory's spaceship. She tells them she comes from a planet named Tamaran. Alrighty, comic book reference for the win! She tells them she's remembering bits and pieces and they find a very old book on the console. Kory tells them its called the catchy "Death of Worlds". She shows them a future projection of her world burning if Rachel is allowed to live. She then shows them a projection of Rachel's father! Trigon! I couldn't believe they went there. I really couldn't. There he was in hologram form. Kory tells them he is a horrible demon type from another dimension that plans on destroying everything. She tells them Rachel is the doorway for his return. Donna notices in the book that Rachel's mother looks awfully cozy and in dawns on Dick there may be a problem.

Gar gets up and makes his way into the bathroom. He looks in the mirror and checks himself out for any blood drippings or loose fangs. He runs water down the back of his neck but doesn't fare too well and passes out onto the floor. Angela wakes up Rachel and brings her to Gar. A pounding on the door draws Angela away as Rachel tends to her sick friend. It's the Sheriff and Angela gets him to take a look at Gar who won't stop bleeding. He tries to use his cell to call for help but it's dead. He and Angela go off to try and use the house landline in the kitchen.

In the car on the way back to the house Donna is reading from the old book and tells the crew that there is one way to defeat Trigon, his daughter Rachel. It involves her completing "The Trials", four hundred days of the harshest warrior training. Well damn, that sounds like a TV show to me. So we're going to be teaming up to guard/guide Rachel for the next few years through Titans adventures and her training for the big showdown with her Daddy. Alrighty I am so in. But I'm skipping ahead, back to now.

In the kitchen the Sheriff tries to get the phone to work but we of course know thats not how in works in the Twilight Zone. Angela stops him from going to his car to call for help by shanking him. She super creepily tells him as he bleeds out that she's in a relationship. Uh oh. Angela tries to get Rachel to heal Gar. She tries but it doesn't work. Angela says that if Rachel brought her father here, he'd heal Gar for her. Uh oh. They get Gar into the bedroom and Angela goads Rachel into turning into Raven. She walks toward the mirror and reaches in and pulls out her father! Ahhhhh! Oh shit Trigon is here! Things just got serious.

The power trio in the car on the way back to the house get a clue stuff is going down when the battery to the vehicle dies for no reason. They're close but see that something has already started as they have to walk the rest of the way back.

Angela and her lover are reunited. They embrace as Rachel goes to Gar. She asks her father to save him as he's still bleeding and dying on the floor. Big Daddy T makes his way over to him and lays his hands on the boy. He can tell he's special and heals him without delay. Gar pops up, very much alive. Rachel goes to her father, embracing him, welcoming him home. The trio arrive and find a shimmering barrier around the house. They run towards it but only Dick is allowed to penetrate the force field. Angela asks her beau if its time to eat the world yet? He replies that it won't be time until Rachel's heart is broken. Dick opens the front door and walks inside.

Wow. What a great episode. We learned so much and so much happened yet we didn't go to many different locations, just awesome set pieces and knowledge being dropped big time. How about Trigon! I can't believe they brought him here. In the flesh. Wow DC Universe you are certainly going for it. Great acting in this episode and the score was pumping and creepy and awesome as usual. And how about that next week? What is going on? What is going to happen? We'll find out next episode in a giant action filled extravaganza! Robin vs. Batman!

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