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Single Parents - Ronald Reagan's White House Collectible Pen - Review: D'Amato Mic Drop

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Will has a new anti-smartphone agenda he wants to get all the other parents involved in at the next Parent's Social Night. It's time for them to make a pledge promising they won't get their kids cellphones until eighth grade. Meanwhile, Douglas is trying to track down the person who stole his revered Ronald Reagan White House collectible pen at last year's social night, as the title would suggest.

No kids this week as this episode centers entirely on the parents.

“Ronald Reagan’s White House Collectible Pen” was written by Ali Kinney and directed by Trent O’Donnell.


Will's idea of getting everyone invested in his platform is to don an oversized, cartoonish cellphone costume. Because, it's Will, and he would.

His costume makes him the laughingstock of the party by itself but coupled with the fact he and Monica's roleplaying-phone-based-sexcapades mistakenly get broadcasted on a big-screen television for every party guest to see, let's just say, this is a night that won't soon be forgotten.


Every member of the gang gets assigned a parental "clique" and talking points to sway them into signing the anti-cellphone petition. Angie gets assigned to her least favorite one, a group of women she's dubbed the "we'vers", essentially the judgy, popular wine moms of the school PTA.

They hate Will and mercilessly mock several of Angie's friends through the night, but when she makes a joke at Will's expense, they decide to temporarily adopt her due to her hilarity.

Angie, having never been "popular" before, goes with it - at least, up until they start taking things too far and plotting to get Will overthrown as room parent.

Angie then storms on stage to warn both Monica and Will of their accidental sex tape and defend Will's passion for the kids in front of the whole room. Plus her other friends too. She's proud to be a loser if it means she gets to keep hanging out with her favorite people.


Douglas spends the entirety of the episode with a vendetta against sweet ol' Mark Rush. A man everyone loves, except him. Douglas firmly believes Mark Rush is responsible for stealing his sacred collectible pen and he'll do anything to prove his theory right.

Except, Poppy stole the pen. Any Poppy/Douglas fans out there were probably happy with a couple of their conversations this episode, especially when we find out Douglas has a special reverence for Poppy and admires her for always sticking to her morals.

Of course, Poppy doesn't want to ruin that image of herself by telling him that at last year's Parent Social Night, she got way too plastered at the open bar and scooped it up.

BUT THEN...plot twist, turns out Mark Rush did indeed steal Douglas' pen! He took it from Poppy while she was distracted (shoutout to Sloppy Poppy's flirting techniques: "My grandma used to call brothers like you 'easy on the eyes'." is gold.) Turns out, Mark was getting revenge on Douglas for how much he overworked him when they were at the same office together. How many atypical moles is too many?

Plus, stealing his pen made him feel important, it made him feel like Douglas. Aww.


Parent of the Week: Mark Rush. I found all the jokes about him and Douglas' over the top hatred hilarious. I mean he shares his casserole recipes!

Performer of the Week: Giving it to Leighton. Mainly just because I had so much fun watching her and the "We'vers" interact.

Favorite Line: "Well, it looks like you waited in the wrong line, bitch! D'Amato mic drop!"

Best Scene: Angie's impassioned toast in Will's defense!


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