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SEAL Team - Prisoner's Dilemma - Review: "How Do You Unbreak the Broken?"

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Bravo Team has a location on Doza, so all that’s needed is to go pick him up? Right?

One of the joys for me, as a viewer, is to have villains that are as smart as the good guys. And Doza made an unexpected move that caught everyone off guard.

Apparently, the trap that Doza set in the last week’s episode wasn’t simply about trying to kill Bravo Team. It was a trap for the US Government as well.

Doza turns himself in, announcing that he would rather give up his freedom than allow the US Military to operate in secret on Mexican soil.

Doza helpfully provides the government with proof; pictures taken during the firefight in the church. These pictures put the politicians in a pickle and they back down.

Bravo Team is ordered to leave the country in 24 hours.

Mandy manages to get permission for one last op from the Mexican government. Bravo Team will go after Doza at the prison compound – read that – mansion he’s been remanded to and turn him over to, I suppose, some honest government officials.

The mission is pretty straightforward. They make it to the compound without any issues they can’t easily handle.

Getting into the mansion itself doesn’t pose that much difficulty for Bravo Team. It’s not until after they’ve gotten Doza in custody that it all hits the fan.

Their helicopter is shot down by the Chiapas State Police for participating in the unlawful abduction of a prisoner in their charge. It seems obvious that Doza’s paid off or threatened someone.

He’s so certain that he knows hot the situation will play out that he’s enjoying the entertainment.

Blackburn negotiates with Comandante Salas. Salas agrees to let Bravo Team leave if they turn Doza over.

Blackburn orders Bravo Team to lay down their weapons and turn Doza over to the state police.

It doesn’t sit well with Bravo Team, but they do follow orders. Lopez takes a bit more convincing.

I don’t think anyone was surprised by Lopez’ actions throughout the episode. It wasn’t a surprise that he insisted on joining Bravo Team and it wasn’t a surprise that Lopez executed Doza.

Lopez confesses and clearly states that Bravo Team had nothing to do with the shooting, they were surrendering as ordered. Jason (we don’t see his creative problem solving enough) comes up with a suggestion that works for everyone.

Jason suggests Salas report that Doza committed suicide because he couldn’t bare the thought of going to prison.

Once Jason made the suggestion it made sense as the only satisfying way to end the story. The villain lost and his killer, who a lot of viewers would consider a hero wasn’t punished.

On Base:

As the major mission story starts its wrap up, the personal stories need to be wrapped up as well.

So, now that Mandy realized she had a mole operating right next to her and didn’t realize it, she eats a little crow and apologizes to Jason. Jason assures her that they are okay.

Clay gets his apology in as well. He finally talks to Jason about Stella dumping him. As Jason has since the show began, he offers Clay a bit of paternal ‘keep your head up and learn from your losses’ advice.


How hysterical was it watching the whole team ragging on Sonny about jaguars, ‘the sharks of the jungle’?

I got a huge kick out of the way Jason greeted his kids. It was totally something my mother would do.

As expected, Ray isn’t okay with what he did in that church. When he returns Niama, as always, has his back. She’ll get him through it.

I am so glad that Jason isn’t magically over the loss of Alana and the fundamental change in his world. So many shows are so anxious to get back to the status quo that they sweep these types of stories off the canvas as soon as they can. That quick scene at her graveside was a nice touch.

So, Sonny and Davis….possibly permanent? What do you guys think about that?

I just have to mention how happy I was to see Kamar de los Reyes playing Comandante Salas. I first saw him on screen when he was on One Life to Live. I’m always thrilled to see him on screen again. Generally speaking (i.e. not specifically SEAL Team) I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him on my television.

This was a great way to tie up this story arc. I liked the twist of Doza turning himself in. It was a twist I wasn’t expecting. It was nice to see Bravo Team beginning to get its grove back during the mission planning.

Clay’s Nicknames:

Clay got another new nickname!

Blondie (E1)
Wonder Boy (E1)
Pin-up Girl (E1)
Peter Pan (E2)
Mr. GQ (E2)
Cover Girl (E3)
Bamm Bamm (E4, E7)
Ken Doll (E4)
Goldilocks (E5)
Romeo (E6)
Fabio (E7)
Blondzilla (E10)

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