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Quote of the Week - Week of December 16th

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Counterpart - 
1. Howard Alpha: "You were the one who said, ‘Maybe love is seeing someone for who they’d rather be.’" Emily Prime: "I wonder if you have the courage to see her at all."

 Dirty John - 
1. Lawyer: "How do you feel about him now?" Arlene: "I still love him." Lawyer: "You love him." Arlene: "I do." Lawyer: "Even after everything that happened?" Arlene: "Bobby asked me the same question." Lawyer: "Because it's very difficult to understand, if not impossible." Arlene: "Bobby did a a terrible thing. The worst thing. I hate what he did. And I told him that, I I did. But if he had been in his right mind he could never have done that. So what he did doesn't doesn't change what I believe about him. I can still love Bobby, and I forgive him because I want to forgive him. Because of what I know. I know his heart was full of love. He just he just lost his way." (Reasons for choosing: I was so blown away by this episode and Jean Smart's performance as Arlene in particular. It was a painful revelation in which we finally understand why Debra is inclined to forgive John over and over again. If her mother could forgive Bobby for doing the worst crime imaginable (murdering her child) why wouldn't Debra forgive John? That's the environment she was raised in. - Mads)

God Friended Me - 
1. Miles: "We usually think of second chances as a way to move on, move forward. But I think second chances are about acceptance. That's why they're so rare. Because accepting who you are and what you really want isn't as easy as we like to think."
2. Miles: "You need to let go of the past, the life you lost, and start living the life you have. It's time both of us do." (Sam Dinsmoor)

Murphy Brown - 
1. Miles: "Rise and shine, people! Up and at 'em!" Murphy: "Why are you yelling, Miles?" Miles: "You were asleep. And not in a 'cute little baby' way. More in a '5:00 a.m. Vegas bus station' way."
2. Miles: "But I went out on a limb and promised Diane a story as big as the Pentagon Papers. If Avery doesn't come through, you're all invited to my second bris."
3. Phyllis: "My parents spent day and night here [in the bar]. I was 5 before I realized that 'Scrape the gum from under the table' wasn't a birthday-party game."
4. Corky: "I'm a God-fearing, good Christian woman. And when was the last time you were in church?" Murphy: "Two months ago. It's my polling place."
5. Phyllis: "Geez, you people! Okay! I'll have a party! But know that I am doing this out of guilt and obligation." Miles: "Guilt and obligation are what holidays are all about."
6. Khaled to Murphy: "I’m a big fan of your show 'Morning News With Loud Grandmother.'"
7. Murphy: "I know you came here [Phil’s Bar] the night you broke the news that Dan Quayle was going to be Bush's running mate." Andrea Mitchell: "I broke the news. You broke the man." (Julia Krassnik)
Tell Me a Story - 
1. Kayla: "Why didn't you tell me the truth?" Tim: "Your mother was a wonderful woman. That's the memory you should have of her." (Reasons for choosing: Tim is willing to let Kayla believe he was a cheater just to preserve the memory of her mother. It's a sweet moment between father and daughter and it's nice to see these two finally talking to each other, but more than that, actually listening to each other. - Mads)
2. Katrina: "Sir? Can I help you? Oh, my God." Gabe: "Please, you have to help me. You have to call the cops, - right now." Katrina: "Slow down. Slow down. Just tell me what happened." Gabe: "This woman, in the basement, they-they-they kidnapped me." Katrina: "Kidnapped?" Katrina: "Yeah, and they drugged me. I-I woke up, and then I was [Gabe screams and gets grabbed again.] No!" Katrina: [Speaking to the men taking Gabe back to the basement.] "What is he doing up here? And where the hell is Esther? Take him back to the basement. And for fuck sake...tie him down good." (Reasons for choosing: I kind of suspected something was going to happen with Katrina. I don't know why, but I had an inkling she was going to end up evil or something. I just didn't realize to what extent. I figured she would be screwing over Tim in some way. I didn't anticipate her being some kind of mob boss and personally responsible for Hannah and Gabe's torment! It was a pretty shocking final scene. - Mads)

Timeless - 
1. Lucy: "...everybody loses someone that they love and no matter how bad they want they can't get them back. In spite of that they find a way to go on. That's everyone's history." (Why: Very true and profound quote delivered with such raw authenticity by Abigail Spencer. As someone who has lost a loved one, this quote resonates even more with me. - Kollin Lore)

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