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Quote of the Week - Week of Dec. 9

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

All American -
1. Spencer: “I want better for you, Coop. You’re my people. You’re family to me. I’m not ever gonna leave you behind. No matter what.” Coop: “I know you won’t.” (Mads)
2. Grace: “You can’t take the blame for other people’s choices. I made a lot of bad choices in my life, and I own them. They don’t belong to nobody else. But this choice, going to Beverly, you made the right decision for you, for your future. That’s all anyone one of us can control.” (Mads)
3. Sean: “No use dreaming when the dreams ain’t real.” Coop: “Sometimes the dream is all we got.” (Mads)

CW Crossover: Elseworlds -
1. Oliver: “Just for 90 seconds. Be serious. I'd really like to wake up in my own bed tomorrow morning.” Barry: “You woke up in bed with Iris?” Oliver: “Yeah.” Barry: “We have to fix this right now!” (Prpleight)
2. Barry: “Are you puffing out your chest?” Oliver: “Yes.” (Prpleight)
3. Ralph: “So, an evil copycat Gort is coming to klaatu barada kick-to our a** and we can't let out Flash and Green Arrow to fight it?” (Prpleight)
4. Kate Kane: “The wifi password is Alfred.” ~Kate Kane and Kara Danvers talk about their cousins (Donna)
5. Kara Danvers: “Do you ever wonder if trying to keep his private life different from the public eye got to be too much for him and he broke?” (Donna)
6. Kate: “Sitting at that desk. Staring out that window. Watching the city that we grew up in rot at its core, you find a way to NOT break.” (Donna)
7. Supergirl to Batwoman: “You know, it’s such a shame I have to go because I feel like we’d make a good team…” Batwoman: “World’s Finest.” (Donna)
8. Kara talking to Earth 1 Alex about her Alex: “She’s a leader who is just and proud and when someone tells her to do something she knows is wrong she gives them HELL, and she does what’s right. She does what’s rightl She doesn’t have powers like I do, but she’s a hero.” (Donna)
9. Supergirl: “This is you, someone who’s willing to stand up for what’s right. And after all of this goes back to normal, it will still be who you are.” Earth 1 Alex: “Your sister is a very lucky woman.” Supergirl: “I’m a lucky sister.” (Donna)

Dirty John -
1. John: “You'll understand when it happens. You'll understand it all. I won't be anywhere near it. I'll be in Bermuda or wherever, having a drink with a 22-year-old, smiling like I am right now. You should enjoy your time left, Tonia. Your time left on this earth. That's what it's gonna come down to. Just, when it happens? When you see it in your eyes and you know, promise you'll remember it was me.” ~It's so chilling to hear John threatening Tonia like that. You can't help but imagine all the horrible things he might have planned. (Mads)
2. PI: “And different clothes. Ones that blend in more.” Veronica: “Uh, her clothes do blend in in Orange County. It's yours that stand out.” PI: “Snap.” (Mads)
3. PI: “Look, Debra. Just get yourself out. That's what I'd do.” ~Debra asks the private investigator what she would do in this exact situation and I found her response also sent a chill down my spine. You really begin to realize how dangerous John is in this episode. (Mads)

Legacies -
1. Kaleb: “Okay, young grasshopper. It's called Snatch, Eat, Erase. All right? I read about it in Dr. Saltzman's books about those Salvatore dudes that used to live in our school.” ~I loved the reference to Damon's old method. (Mads)
2. Hope: “I was told today that you would never find peace until I found it in myself. I hope that was a lie told to punish me. God knows I deserved that. But if it's true, I'm gonna do better. Today I saw a glimpse of what true loneliness feels like, of what lies in store for me if I don't find my own peace. So I'm gonna get to work on that. I will walk with you, I'm glad to know you're with me, but I look forward to the day when you're not. I love you.” ~I find it touching that Hope still writes to Klaus regularly even though he's no longer there. It makes me wish we had gotten to see more of their relationship when he was alive but this was a touching scene and a well-written one at that. (Mads)
3. Hope: “You don't like that I broke your rules as a headmaster? Fine, punish me. But don't you dare play disappointed dad, - because you are not my father.” ~I could tell it stung Alaric to hear it. Even if both of them understand on some level Alaric isn't her father, it's undeniable they have a closer than normal relationship. He is definitely a paternal figure in her life and they both know it, even if is neither wants to admit it. (Mads)

Murphy Brown -
1. Murphy: “We’re not talking about this country. We're talking about Afghanistan. Are we winning the war?” Major Stansfield: “What we should be talking about is the importance of our new sixth branch of the military: THE SPACE FORCE.” ~This scene just portrays the current administration so very accurately. They are trying to distract from truly important issues with ridiculous ideas such as the space force. (Julia)
2. Pat: “Last time I saw her move that fast, she was chasing a Mister Softee truck down K Street.” ~After Murphy runs after Major Stansfield who cowardly broke off the interview to confront him with some more questions (Julia)
3. Avery: “You watch "Dancing with the Stars"?” Murphy: “I will watch any show that humiliates both Tucker Carlson and Rick Perry.” (Julia)
4. New assistant: “Oh, and FWIW, I have to leave early for a goat yoga class, which, if you don't get there an hour in advance, all the best goats are taken.” (Julia)

1. Spirit Guide: “Time’s up Dwayne. I’m so sorry.” ~Amelia Parsons points her gun at Dwayne Pride and shoots, but his father Cassius jumps in the way and takes the bullets for his son. Pride kills Parsons, but it's too late. Cassius dies in his son's arms and travels to the afterlife with the spirit guide, leaving Pride completely devastated. (Kelly)

The Rookie -
1. Angela: “You'd be right here if the situations were reversed. And I brought fries.” Tim: “Thanks. You know, you'd have to be in an actual relationship for the situations to be reversed.” Angela: “What are you, my mother?” (Mads)
2. John: “What are we doing here?” Lucy: “I can't imagine what you're going through. And maybe if I was in the same place, I'd think about quitting, too. But they're alive because you did your job. You put your own life at risk to protect them, and if you're ever in that position again, I know you'll do the same thing.” (Mads)

Single Parents -
1. Angie: “It doesn’t sound simple.  It sounds like, Westworld-level confusing.” (Mads and Dahne)
2. Graham: “This guy isn't doing a lot to convince me. The details of his friendship with the Easter Bunny keep changing.” (Mads)
3. Poppy: “Look, Douglas, I appreciate the gesture, but you guys don't want to be here. I put a pair of Rory's PJs on the couch cushion and, well, we've been spooning.” Douglas: “Okay, well, I do want to be here. I'm not gonna try to talk you out of being sad. I just wanted to, uh, sit with you.” Poppy: “All right. Well, sit wherever you want. Just not on my son, the couch cushion.” ~I adore Poppy and Douglas together and the way they're able to just sit together in a quiet moment, finding comfort in the other's company is absolutely adorable. (Mads)

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