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Outlander - Savages - Review: Fool Me Once, Shame on You

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18th Century

While Jamie and Ian went Woolam's Creek in search of Scottish settlers for Fraser’s Ridge, in accordance with his agreement with Governor Tyron, Claire spends a few days showing us what the day-to-day routine on a homestead looks like in 1768.

Before things get mundane, Claire has to deliver a baby to a German family. The patriarch of the Mueller family has a bit of a reputation for being more stubborn than Clarence the Mule and not as smart.

However, the women of the Mueller family are sweet and friendly and like Claire so much they name the baby after her.

The pleasant bubble of joy surrounding the birth of the baby is burst by the arrival of a Cherokee hunting party who stop to water their horses in front of the Mueller cabin. Mueller believes that the Cherokee have no right to the water on his land.

I suspect there was no real reason the Cherokee had to water their horses right in front of the Mueller cabin, but, come on, we all know people who can’t help but push an irritating person’s buttons every chance they get.

Claire managed to convince the hunting party to move on and let the situation de-escalate. Unfortunately, the deaths of his daughter, granddaughter and son drive Mueller to commit a horrendous hate crime.

The local pastor warns Claire about Herr Mueller’s state of mind after the tragedy. The pastor believes that Mueller blames Claire as much as he blames the Cherokee and fears that he will come for her.

But, when Mueller arrives, he isn’t angry with Claire. He’s concerned that she is well; that the curse hasn't struck her.

Claire tries to explain the science of the measles epidemic, but cannot convince the stubborn man that his family's bout with the measles wasn’t due to a curse the Cherokee cast against them in an effort to steal his land.

He assures Claire he's taken care of the situation; Claire is safe from the curse. He presents Claire with proof.

Claire unwraps the package expecting the doll Mueller bought his granddaughter. Instead it is the scalp and beaded necklace worn by her friend, Adawehi. Once Mueller is gone, Claire says a prayer and cremates Adawehi’s remains.

Back at the Mueller cabin, judgement for murder is rendered. Mueller and his wife are executed and the cabin burned to the ground.

I was really sorry to see Adawehi killed off. The opening sequence of Adawehi and Claire collecting herbs and learning each other’s language was really nice to see.

One of the downsides to the television format is that we’ve seldom been able to see Claire connect to a place or people…especially the Fraser family.

One of the major examples, for me, was Claire’s time at Lallybroch. Due to the constraints of this format, there wasn’t time enough to see Claire develop her connection to the family or the others living on the estate.

There was only time enough to tell us that she loved the place and felt that she and Jamie could make a home there.

I understand the necessity. I believe that's what made me appreciate that quiet scene between Adawehi and Claire all the more.

Jamie’s attempts to find tenants for the land are soundly rejected. It wasn't the reaction he expected.

Sadly, Tryon’s, or rather his “dishonest tax collectors”, well earned reputation makes that impossible. The local farmers were squeezed by these collectors until they lost everything. They won't be 'fooled' into the same situation a second time.

The best thing about Jamie’s visit to Woolam's Creek was him stumbling across Murtagh! I’ve been looking forward to his reappearance since he was marched away from Ardsmuir last season.

He didn’t pop up where I was expecting him to, so the moment was a wonderful surprise to me.

I recognized his voice first, but I didn’t recognize his face. When he turned around I was convinced I was wrong. But I wasn't. Murtagh is back and now a smith of all trades.

Jamie brought one of his mother's candlesticks to Woolam's Creek in order to commission something be made from it.

Since Graham McNeil, the only smith Jamie was aware of, is out of town, Jamie asks Murtagh if he can make the item. Murtagh agrees. I suspect it’s a new wedding ring for Claire.

Murtagh has found another cause to fight for. He seems to be the leader of the Regulators. Jamie can’t join the fight this time.

He gave his word to Tryon, and he has too much to lose now. But he won’t stand in Murtagh's way.

20th Century

Roger spent the episode in Inverness questioning people who had seen or spoken too Brianna. He's trying to figure out if he's right about Brianna planning to travel to the 18th century.

It's confirmed when he reads a letter she left for him. She planned for the letter to be delivered in a year. If this happens, then she was unable to return after warning her mother and Jamie about the fire.

Apparently, being raised by a historian taught Brianna a thing or two about research. She knew about the fire before Roger did.

Now that Roger knows where Brianna has gone is anyone willing to bet on Roger’s next move?

Miscellaneous Items

When Jamie initially went looking for Graham McNeil, his wife answered the door. She wasn't exactly subtle when she came on to Jamie. Jamie handled it rather smoothly. Am I the only person who thinks Mrs. McNeil will be a problem later on?

We got a little magic in this episode. Jamie dreamed about Brianna. It was a special dream because he saw a birthmark that Claire had never mentioned to him. Also, Adawehi was aware that Brianna was in the 18th Century.

Ian kept his promise to teach Claire how to knit!

It just occurred to me…Who fed the animals while she was at the Mueller home?

Am I the only person who thought that Brianna’s dress is going to stick out like a store thumb? I suppose that was a close as she could get. I would have gone to my schools drama department and seen if I could get a student to make me a more accurate dress.


The show's pacing feels different this season; quieter somehow. Even the high tension scenes and sequences feel different than in previous seasons.

I find I am enjoying it quite a bit. We’ve never been able to spend time watching Claire hang out with a friend, or feed livestock or enjoy the afterglow of bringing a new life into the world.

The death of Adawehi was handled off screen in favor of that heart breaking moment when Claire unwraps her scalp. A choice that, for me as a viewer, had much more of an impact.

What did you think of the episode? What do you think of the season so far?

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