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Legends of Tomorrow - Hell No Dolly - Review

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Legends has a had a pretty great run this season and I attribute that to the fact that while it’s not as loved as the other CW-DC children, the lack of parental supervision made it better. It’s not required to achieve the same heights as the others, and because of that it soars above them. Not to say ia gree with everything that legends does, but it’s currently the only CW DC property I still watch faithfully.

Hell no Dolly was a rather fun and creepy episode. As someone who doesn’t like creepy dolls, or puppets, I was not ready to see little puppet Stein try and murder people. In typical Season 4 fashion, the show blended laughs with some serious heavy character lifting. This week we learned just who was hunting Constantine and boy was it a treat.
No matter how much the show wants you think Constantine is a horrible person, they always tend to pull the rug our form under you to get you back in his favor. Constantine being captured because of his necklace that belong to someone in her family line was one thing, but once we learned that it belonged to Constantine’s now-dead boyfriend, I was hooked. It was weird seeing the usually surly Constantine happy and in love, but it grew on me quickly. It was more surprising this only happened six months prior to him joining the team. Constantine tries to fix the past and fails miserably and that was clearly a given.

We do find out Dez dies because of Constantine’s unwillingness to help a demon called Neron, a sort of bargaining demon that was working to usurp the Triumverate(The big bads revealed?). Neron holds the deal for Constantine’s soul, but instead of helping him he damns him back to hell, not realizing that by doing so he doomed Dez who sold his soul to protect Constantine and was bound to Neron. (The tangled web we weave) I did love how this story found a way to incorporate Charlie’s struggle. I’ve said before I’d like it better that Charlie was fully capable of shapeshifting, so seeing her in cahoots with Constantine to get her restored was great, and I genuinely felt for her when she told Zari why she helped Constantine basically break time. I can’t wait to see how Constantine stopping his and Dez’s love will cause chaos.

Ray got a mustache because Nora likes them and he ends up shaving it(That’s all this gets). That’s about as random about learning that a Dybbuk possess dolls and kills people. One the one hand, it was great to see puppet Stein again and I liked the forced Mick and Ava bonding, but I’ve never heard of such a creature and having it appear in dolls with Paul Ruebens voice was just too creepy for me. I think Ava should not come on the ship and try to determine what things fly, if it makes Mick happy to sleep with Garima. He does say some pretty hurtful things, but when it comes down to it, he still saves Ava.

Mona falls for one of her monsters but ends up seeing him kidnapped and that was a C-plot I could do without. I just want more Constantine and Neron and as much as it pains me killer puppet hijinx. Though, next week being the fall finale and ending on a cliffhanger like this makes me hopeful things are about to get crazy, especially with the recently teased information about the big bads this season. All in all, I was really into this episode for the most part, and it has me ready to see what happens next. This season has felt more like a comic than previous seasons and that’s working, I care, I’m entertained and I look forward to the next week. It feels like the season just started and the break will be hell, but I still can wait! A.
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