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Legacies - Mombie Dearest - Review + POLL

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This week on Legacies, the twins have their sixteenth birthday party with the unexpected revival of their biological mother, Jo. So yeah, we had zombies this week, which MG was really excited about. He also tried to impress Lizzie at her party, which worked until Rafael turned up and then dumped Lizzie. Hope made amends with Rafael and, along with Penelope and MG, saved Josie from being buried alive by Jo (worst birthday ever). Penelope and Josie kissed. The twins then had to draw the energy out of Jo, essentially killing her again. Also, a necromancer showed up. Alaric wasn’t impressed. 

Poor baby: MG is slowly making his way into my heart. He’s just so lovable. He just wanted a chance to impress Lizzie. And this was the first time she actually gave him a fair chance, or so it seemed until Rafael showed up. Speaking which, I was not a fan of his this week. He knew he was going to end thing with her. I get that he wanted to fulfill his end of the deal or something, but he should’ve turned around and left when he saw her having fun with someone else. Instead, he interrupted them only to dump her in the middle of a crowd at her own birthday party. I have not been Lizzie’s biggest fan in the past, but I felt so bad for her. She couldn’t even let her feelings out properly surrounded by her classmates, a lot of whom would have probably liked seeing her upset. I hope that’s the end of that relationship, it was only bound to cause drama between the twins anyway. 

Kiss and make up: I mentioned last week that I would like to see more of Penelope, very glad that I got my wish. I find her a very interesting character, especially in her interactions with other people. I’d love to see her and Hope in more scenes together. Surprisingly, I actually think those 2 would get along. I desperately want to know what happened between Josie and Penelope when they were together. Josie says Penelope dumped her, but why? Penelope clearly still has feelings for her. 

A for effort: So, Hope tried really hard to make friends this week. The necklace for Josie was really sweet. It was actually similar to what Penelope did last week, only fewer people got hurt in the process. And I’m really digging this blooming friendship with Rafael (don’t turn this into a lovequadrangle or whatever). I get why he was upset, but I’m glad he moved past it. Their dance was really cute. I was surprised that aside from a few mentions, we didn’t get to see anything about Landon. But I guess maybe that would’ve overcrowded the episode. Perhaps next week. 

That’s what I’m talking about: My biggest issue with the show so far has been that this ‘freak of the week’ theme overshadowed the more personal stuff. This week, however, they found the perfect balance. My favorite episodes will always be those that focus on the non-romantic relationships between characters, with emotional scenes and character development. There was lots of that for the twins this week. Josie, Lizzie, and Alaric got the shock of a lifetime when Jo was suddenly standing in front of them. Jo’s death and the circumstances around it really shaped Alaric into the character we know today. I still remember when he nearly killed himself after the wedding. I’m glad he finally got some closure (despite the fact that his heart got broken all over again). And the twins had never even met their biological mother. I was surprised by their reactions. I thought the roles would be reversed, that Lizzie would be overjoyed and Josie skeptical. But I guess it sort of makes sense. As was stated, Lizzie is very similar to Caroline, so it makes sense that she would see getting close to Jo as a betrayal to her mom. As opposed to Josie, who often feels alone, finally had someone she could confide everything in, who looked similar to her, who she was named after. I’m shocked no one considered how traumatizing it would be for the twins to draw the energy out of Jo again. There’s no way it didn’t feel like they were killing her. 
Whoopsie forgot about that: Don’t you just love it when a show remembers a storyline from way back when, that you’ve long forgotten. I thought the Gemini curse ended when the entire coven died, though I guess they didn’t all die, did they. I have to admit, while I remember lots of details from the first 4 seasons of The Vampire Diaries, everything after that is a bit blurry. So I completely forgot about that ritual that’s supposed to happen when the twins turn 22. Now it makes sense why Caroline has been absent all this time (nice save, writers. This gives her the excuse to be gone for at least 5 seasons). I do have one question. From what I read online (when I looked it up because my memory sucks) the ritual is that they merge their power into one of them and the other dies. But the twins are both siphons. On their own, they have no power. So how can they merge something that isn’t there? Someone help me out here. Also, the twins just turned 16. Are the writers really going to drag this storyline out for 5 seasons (if they ever get that many)? 

Best quotes: Jo: “How long ago was that? You look a little… seasoned.” 
Hope: “Family is always and forever.” 
Jo: “Are you happy?” Alaric: “I am happy right now, in the arms of my demon possessed baby momma.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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