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Blindspot - Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth - Review: "Three Stories"

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This week’s episode was the lead in to the season’s fall finale, as the characters split up in pairs in order to work on some side missions. It was a great one. It’s what I liked about this season; the storyline is not solely focused on the tattoos, there was more going on, a lot more.

When we left off at the end of the last episode, Remi and Kurt were at a face off. Once more, she tried to talk her way out of the situation, and at one point, I thought she might actually be able to pull it off. At last, Kurt understood what was happening. He was no longer talking with Jane. His wife was no longer standing in front of him, this was Remi.

The couple’s argument takes a turn when a terrorist comes knocking on their door. Eve is looking for the 500,000$ Remi stole from her bank, way back in the season’s beginning. Yay for continuity! When the power couple’s apartment is trashed and no money is found, the next best thing is to go get their stolen property in FBI evidence. The terrorists need Jane and Kurt to get in, and dressed in C4 decorated vests, the pair must work together if they want to survive. Just let me tell you, I absolutely loved the full on Remi persona in this episode. It’s a really nice change in the dynamics, and a nice duality between the two leads.

“I was supposed to fall in love with Jane. That was your plan. Things fell apart because Jane fell in love with me. You hate me because I remind you of what a failure you are.” -Kurt

As the episode progresses, Kurt slowly puts together just how duped he’d been during the past few months, but both parties have valid points regarding the other. Remi can’t say why she hasn’t killed him already, and that’s probably because she doesn’t know herself. (Or can’t admit it to herself) Kurt can’t say why he couldn’t tell Jane had been replaced by Remi, and that’s probably because she’s more like Jane than she thinks. I loved how they analysed this out loud and I do defend Kurt’s theory on Jane. He couldn’t have shaped her even if he had tried. We got to witness it with Roman, in the past seasons, it’s not because you have a clean slate that you can just become anyone. You’re still you no matter your memories. Nature is stronger than nurture.

As they are planning their escape, Remi wants to give Eve the case to save themselves, but Kurt does not believe this is the right way to go. When the terrorists have them boxed in, Remi gets two birds with one stone, she escapes the terrorist and Kurt by locking him in the building and giving Eve what she wants. Roman’s expression of disappointment when she didn’t shoot Weller had me laughing out loud. She doesn’t want to kill him. Despite what she said during their last phone call, she couldn’t kill him. Her actions speak louder than her words; she called him to make sure he was ok. There is no denying that.

“I’m a big fan of your brain, do you know that?” -Rich

Not privy to what was happening between Jane (Remi) and Weller, Patterson and Rich spend the night at the office, on a treasure hunt to find Roman’s next cache, one that could potentially contain some medical information on Jane’s condition. It’s during a showing of Rich’s movie on The Book of Secrets that an idea sparks in Patterson’s mind. This part of the episode really was everything I love about the duo. They are a great pair to work together, their shear brilliance and intelligence balanced out with humor and banter. Their hunt turns into an all-nighter after they don’t find the cache despite Rich’s destroying of the floor. When they finally find what they are looking for in an employee’s key card, the team gets closer to finding a cure for Jane. The question now becomes: will they be saving Jane, or will they be saving Remi? In the end, it has to be one of them. I mean, the show can’t go on without Jamie Alexander, right?

Wietz and Reade also formed an unlikely alliance in the end of last week’s episode, after the new FBI Director fired Reade. In this episode, they need to find a way to get to Tasha before the CIA, so they can save her life. It’s in some hard copy files that Wietz personally asks Madeline to get him that they find their clue. Was I the only one to be surprised that they were actually very close to the Bureau? I was certain HCI Global were somewhere overseas, hidden, far far way. Guess not.

In the files, Reade and Weitz look for something that could lead them to Zapata, that could point to her location. They find it when Reade flashes on JB, the name Claudia had mentionned when they were holding him hostage. He’s the pilot they have been using to fly all over the world.

If I’m honest with myself, I miss Tasha. I miss the old Tasha. She seemed more erased in this week’s episode. She also seems more and more uncomfortable with her job. She is working to find Del Torro, a hacker, a major player in the dark web. She needs to go convince him to work for them, and for that, she needs to fly to Mexico. Reade and Wietz are in for the ride as well. I guess Reade and Tasha’s reunion will be done with Weitz in the middle. Third wheel, much? This was the part of the episode I enjoyed the least, it seemed more like a set up for the fall finale than a storyline in itself. Still, I’ll take it if that means they bring Tasha back.

I'm extremely exited for the fall finale! I love this show.

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