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All American - California Love - Review

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It's Homecoming week on All American so you know there has to be drama. At the end of the last episode Leila and Spencer kissed, and this week begins with Leila avoiding him. Spencer finally gets her alone, and they have a nice talk. It's obvious they like each other, but Leila is concerned about Asher, and Spencer makes it clear he doesn't sneak around.

Olivia tells Leila she saw the kiss, and she says she's okay with it, but she seems sad. Leila then tries to talk to Asher, but that doesn't go so well. Asher tells Leila that he loves her, and then she doesn't show up to meet Spencer like they had planned. Spencer's upset that she didn't show, and his mom can tell something's wrong. When she asks Spencer who he's taking to the dance, he says it's complicated. She convinces him to call Coop and talk about his issues with her.

Coop goes over to Spencer's, and he tells her about Leila. Coop tells him that there are some girls worth rocking the boat for, and she wants Spencer to go get his girl. He needs a date to the dance, and Coop decides to go with him. They go over to Jordan and Olivia's house, and Spencer's shocked when Chris shows up. Was it just me or did Spencer seem a bit jealous of Chris? He definitely noticed Olivia when she walked the down the stairs in that dress. Then Asher and Leila show up, and things get a little uncomfortable.

Spencer doesn't like watching Asher and Leila dance, and Coop calls him out. "I didn't get all dressed up and drag my ass to Beverly Hills to sit here and watch you sulk." Coop was great during the dance, and I'm so happy that she and Spencer made up.

Asher and Leila get into a fight over the banner, and Spencer asks Leila if she's okay. Asher gets really irritated with Spencer interrupting them, and he says that the kiss between Spencer and Leila was a mistake. Spencer finds Leila later, and they have another moment. Leila doesn't think the kiss was a mistake, and Spencer says that he just wants her to be happy. I honestly just wish Leila had broken up with Asher before the dance. It would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

Meanwhile, Grace and Billy are forced to spend time together when they get locked in the school. I liked their talk, and we were able to get some insight into Billy's past. He was honest and said that while he loves Laura, he left Crenshaw because he was tired of the responsibility of being a black man from the hood. If he messed up, the whole neighborhood messed up. I could see how that would be hard for Billy. I honestly think Billy is a good man, and he does seem to love Laura even though he was in love with Grace.

Later, Leila breaks up with Asher, and he's very angry. He goes back to the dancer and starts drinking. Olivia sees this and advises him to slow down. He says he's celebrating because Leila and Spencer cheated so they don't have any reason to feel guilty over what they did. Then he realizes Olivia already knew, and he gets angry at her, too. He thought she had his back, but she's just like everyone else.

Asher gets on the stage after drinking, and you know that his isn't going to end well. He starts by talking about his teammates, and then gets to Spencer. He calls Spencer the "MVP". "He's the best there is. Isn't that right, Leila?" He tells everyone that Leila cheated, but it's okay because he cheated first. "Tell her, Olivia." He tells everyone that he slept with Olivia. And then Coach Baker pulls Asher off the stage.

Leila has some words for Olivia after Asher's announcement. Olivia tries to explain, but ends up calling Leila a hypocrite after she messed around with Spencer knowing that Olivia liked him. Leila said that it's not the same, and it's not. Olivia was high when she was with Asher. Maybe know Leila can admit she's not perfect. Spencer runs after Leila, but she gets into her car and drives off.

Spencer finds Leila, and they agree that their relationship is complicated. She says that her feelings for Asher won't just go away. But they do finish their dance.

Asher apologizes, but Coach Baker suspends him for drinking. He's going to miss the Homecoming game. He begs Coach not to do this, but unfortunately Asher did this to himself. I feel bad for Asher, but I agree with Coach Baker suspending him. Coach Baker had no other choice.

Olivia finds Asher later while she's with Chris. Chris is very understanding and tells Olivia to let him know after the dust settles. "You're kinda worth waiting for," he says, and then they kiss. Chris leaves, and Olivia sits next to Asher and pours out his alcohol. I'm glad that Olivia didn't leave Asher by himself. He does need a friend right now, and I think Olivia can be that friend. Even though I hate the way it it happened, I'm glad Olivia and Asher's secret is out in the open. I just wish Asher hadn't told the whole school. But maybe now everyone can move forward.

Other Thoughts:

- Chris and Spencer seem to have mended their friendship at least some. Spencer definitely cares about Olivia, but says he think of her like a sister. Chris really does like Olivia, but even he can see she has non-sisterly feelings for Spencer. Like I said last episode, I like Spencer and Olivia, but Chris seems like a genuinely good guy, and I'm okay with Olivia dating him. At least for now.

- Coop's situation with Shawn is getting dangerous. I was proud of Shawn getting a legit job, but now Coop and Shawn are in danger. Tyrone is a bad guy, and now I think he's after Coop and Shawn especially after Coop turned down his assignment. I really don't want Shawn to go back to the gang, but I think that may be the only way to protect Coop.

- Does anyone else wonder if Jordan's going to get in trouble for staying out late with his girlfriend? I could see him getting suspended for missing curfew. Maybe I just don't like his girlfriend, but I have a bad feeling about her.

The next episode is the winter finale, and I'm not really sure how anything could top this episode! How are you feeling about Asher, Olivia, Spencer, and Leila? What do you want to happen? Do you think Coach Baker's secret will be revealed? I can't wait to find out!

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