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Z Nation - Doc's Stoned History - Review

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As the title suggests, 'Doc's Stoned History' was one unnecessary, but mildly fun episode.

On their way to Lt. Dante's trial in Altura, Doc gives George a rather distorted history lesson on the U.S. amendments as acted out to viewers, wigs and all, by Skeezy and Sketchy.

Could the episode have benefited without these segments? Probably. But after 5 seasons I've come to accept the sheer stupidity that Z Nation offers us from time to time. It wouldn't be Z Nation without them.

The important point made through this lesson though is that everyone has rights and, sticking to the political theme of this season, the rights of the Talkers has been violated with all the violent discrimination happening against them.

All of this is escalated in a surprisingly brutal ending where Georgie and Doc find the truck holding Dante abandoned and trashed, and Dante himself cut into pieces and thrown into a garbage bin. Things got dark real quick.

The story line and death of Dante gives Z Nation's newest survivor some depth and it'll be interesting to see how she responds to the heinous crimes done against her best friend.

Elsewhere, Murphy, 10K, and Addy (who is cooler than ever) head to the factory where the biscuits are being made.

The group comes across a family of Canadians, and the tiresome stereotype of dopey Canucks is played out as we learn about their predicament and why the biscuits aren't being made.

The humor was often very painful and tough to get through, though it did lead to an awesome action scene involving the reunited 10K and Addy who help each other dispatch a bunch of invading Z's.

We also got a little bit of a tease of something growing between Murphy and Warren, or at least within Murphy for Warren. His reaction to her, "I love you too, Murphy," was sweet, though I get the sense her feelings is strictly platonic. Anything else would be way too awkward and unnecessary.

Overall, 'Doc's Stoned History' was mostly a forgettable episode, but it did give us some important moments like the growing relationship between Warren and Murphy, the death of Dante, and the secret behind these biscuits which apparently

On a side note, I'm surprised no one has asked about what happened to Sarge now that 10K is reunited with them, and I hate how Red keeps getting pushed aside. If they have no use for her, why is she kept alive?

Anyhow, as painful as this episode often was, it was a good stepping stone to the second half of Z Nation season 5.


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