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Young Sheldon - Family Dynamics and a Red Fiero - Review

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Since Sheldon is in tenth grade now he has the opportunity to pick an elective. He can choose an additional class of his liking. Unfortunately, most classes offered are not only out of Sheldon’s interest area but they are also highly dangerous: Introduction to agriculture (which involves touching actual animals!). Wood shop (it’s very possible students will end up chopping off a finger or two). Wrestling (Sheldon would rather milk a cow). The only course that takes place in a somewhat safe environment is Psychology 101. So basically, he is forced to choose it as his elective. The first task the students get to do is to observe their family’s behavior over the Thanksgiving holidays. And Sheldon actually has quite a lot to observe at home. Not just because his entire family is, according to him, displaying behavioral abnormalities on a regular basis, it is because Mary and George get in a major argument. George was offered a job out of state, a job that would come with a raise and be of more prestige. For Mary, however, moving away is completely out of question. George wants them at least to consider it. He low-key asks his children what they’d think if they were to leave this house and town behind. Georgie thinks he would be ok, Missy has no time to pay any attention to her father and Sheldon refuses to answer because in the interest of science he has to remain a neutral observer and therefore cannot share his opinion.

The Thanksgiving dinner is rather tense. When the Coopers each list what they are thankful for Mary talks about their great, comfy home and the wonderful, safe neighborhood. Connie, already manipulated by Mary, is thankful to live so close to her grandchildren. George is thankful for all the opportunities and chances this country offers, especially in regard to one’s career. The couple ends up quarreling again which eventually leads to Mary breaking down in tears. Meemaw takes the kids home with her to shield them from the argument between her daughter and son in law.

In his anger and frustration George runs off and buys himself a sports car. Or to put it in Sheldon’s words: “he reestablished his dominance by a meaningless symbolic action”. Mary is even more upset now as they cannot afford that kind of car.

After the holidays, when Sheldon is presenting his psychology paper, he breaks down in tears. The situation at home burdens him more than he would like to admit. Sheldon is very unhappy over his sudden outburst of emotions. It’s very unprofessional. Connie and Sheldon conclude together that maybe his breakdown in class is about suppressing emotions. He is trying to avoid dealing with his fear of change. Moving away from here, leaving everything behind, would be a BIG change.

Thankfully, it is nothing Sheldon has to worry about for long. Even though George ends up going to the job interview, he declines the offer. He chooses his family’s happiness over his career.

What do you think about George's choice? How did you like the episode in general?

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