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Will & Grace - Kid `N Play - Review: "The Snap Off"

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After an electrifying #MeToo episode Will & Grace returned to its old tracks and delivered a funny outing, using their characters well-established quirks and relationships to bring out all the laughs. The 6th episode of W&G`s 10th season was directed by James Burrows and written by Suzanne Martin, who also wrote the previous outing Grace`s Secret.

The addition of David Schwimmer`s Noah this season is a true blessing. The chemistry between Noah and Grace is really good, the actors compliment each other very well and the writers are slowly but thoroughly developing their relationship. I don´t remember seeing Grace this happy and relaxed, except in the now fake finale when she lived happily ever after with Leo. But as always in the TV world and sometimes in real life roadblocks appear in life and a major one was just dropped on the relationship between Noah and Grace. The real issue with Noah not telling Grace about his daughter, Katie is that hiding this type of secret makes the partner feel unworthy and ashamed. Grace going mental on Noah was hilarious and expected from Grace side. And while I am not a fan of someone coercing an I love you, Grace did it in great fashion. Noah is that type of guy who has to hold on firm and not allowing much wiggle room, cause he will wiggle out when he feels too loose. The bombshell of him not wanting for Grace to meet Katie will serve up for some more laughs I am sure.

The Will-Noah interaction was a nice change of pace. I wasn`t even aware of the fact the two of them weren`t spending quality time together. So Grace setting up a meet-cute was cute indeed till they started to snap at each other. Their banter was sweet and entertaining, I do hope we get more of them on screen. They have great screen presence and we all deserve more of that.

On the other of town, Karen Walker production met Jack`s Gaybraham Lincoln. Once again I am blown away by Sean Hayes and his performance. He continuously gives so much energy into all of Jack`s overdoing and brought all the best laughs. Karen starting to care about the project as Jack involved all her "friends" into the project was a good twist to the stories. Especially as the writers exploited the produce/friend and actor/friend sides of the story and let the actors play with those always awkward moments where it is tough to be an honest friend. Karen bringing in Jon Cryer to replace Jack felt so random but so hilarious. I am a Jon Cryer fan so this was a very welcome surprise for me. Karen and Jack reconciling was a sweet moment, those two nut heads can`t be too long mad at each other.

What are your thoughts on Kid `N Play? Did it work for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below. Till next week than. . .

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