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Vikings - The Revelation - Advance Preview

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As usual, the title has multiple meanings and can be applied to many people and situations throughout the episode. Both definitions of the term revelation, meaning to reveal or disclose important information, or in a more theological sense for a god to reveal one’s self or will to believers, are used by several characters in order to assert control or manipulate others. We have seen through some of the trailers that Ivar in particular is going to be portraying himself as a god-like figure now that he has won the battle for Kattegat. But he is not the only one who will be compared or thought of as god-like, and he will also find himself coming up short when someone with far more gravitas and reverence than he could ever hope to muster enters his hall and makes himself feel at home once again.

Meanwhile, over in Iceland, some members of the newly settled community are questioning whether their leader thinks he is a god too. I have to admit to being a little disappointed with this side of the show last year; after Floki’s amazing introduction to this stunning landscape and his initial spiritual journey I felt that things faltered somewhat once the group followed him to the new land. Of course, I expected things to be difficult for them, and I understand the harshness of the conditions they are in, yet there was something missing I couldn’t quite put my finger on that stopping me feeling a connection to them in the same way I do the other parties in the show.

Things continue to look rather bleak for the group as the infighting between the families involved intensifies and threatens to split loyalties asunder. As Michael Hirst has said in an interview earlier this year “The whole Icelandic adventure becomes rather grim and ultimately extremely tragic in ways that even now you can’t quite anticipate. Floki has put his life on the line for this settlement and [has] got a distinctly nasty surprise waiting for him around the corner.” Things are still moving quite slowly compared to the elements elsewhere in the show, which I think is what makes the pacing in Iceland feel a tad underwhelming, but from the five preview episodes I have seen it does look as though there is going to be great payoff in the long term. There have been some long laid out strands to Floki’s character that are starting to pull together at last.

Which brings us to the guts of what this week’s episode is actually about. There’re so many kings seen or mentioned that it would be easy to get confused, and those that are alive are being compared to those that came before constantly throughout, much to their indignation for the most part. Oh, and brothers are a big theme too, especially when it comes to being associated unfavourably with each other, having to back each other up in sticky situations, or in Hvitserk's case giving Ivar the old side eye when things get a bit too surreal. Then there is Harald, who’s the saddest Viking in Denmark with no brother, wife, or child in his life anymore, plus he only gets a very small chair to sit on next to Ivar’s huge throne, even though he’s a king himself, aww!

The main thrust of the action in Kattegat is to set up Ivar’s control of the township, and as we have seen in the trailers, to get Lagertha’s group deciding if the move overseas is the best way forward for them. Rollo, being Rollo, is of course going to insert himself into both of those positions in a way only he does, feet first and as bold as they come. It’s good to see Clive Standen back in the show, it’s obvious that there is no time or scope to cover the Norman side of the clan further than the show has done so I don’t think that we will see too much more of him in the future. I wish that parts of his plot here were slightly better executed, but overall, I am glad that we have seen his conversion into Robert of Normandy.

Lastly, in what feels like a transitional episode that gets all the characters set in place ready for the next cycle of events, we turn to England where the two Wessex boys appear to be putting on a united front to strengthen the younger brother’s new kingdom. Arthur can always count on Judith to protect and look out for him too, and he may well need it as he has developed her headstrong determination when he sets his mind to it. This wilfulness does upset a certain quarter this week that would probably be best left alone, and although he does seem to manage authority over the issue this time I fear that he may see some problems down the line if he keeps at it.

The Revelation
airs on Wednesday November 28 at 9pm on the History, below are a few teasers to see you through until then. If you want to have a go at guessing who said what in the dialogue ones, I will fill in any correct answers before it airs. Don’t forget to come back and vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“You will find that no chains will ever bind me. Not even if the dwarves forged them! Hahahaha”

“Without a living heir you are much more vulnerable than you know”

“We must stop this vicious cycle of revenge and killing now, or else our young and fertile community is sure to perish”

“I rule over enough cities and land to satisfy the requirements of any man. Why would I want the further burden of garrison Kattegat?”

“He lied to us, he told us he had found the land of the gods. If this is the land of the gods, where have they gone? Maybe they never wanted us here!”

“But in matters of religion practice and obversion you have no more power to challenge the church’s authority than to stop the sea’s tide”

“We have gained the kingdom of Kattegat, but I still have a hollow feeling inside”

Ivar's debt to Rollo for his help in the battle for Kattegat is going to come at a hefty cost, though it could be said that the Norman is overcompensating for losing out emotionally elsewhere

“But look at what you have already accomplished. The gods have marked you out, you are favoured. Above all men”

“You made your decision regarding your stance with Ivar”

Murder Most Foul Teaser

“Why don’t you answer me? Why don’t you show yourselves to me as you used to? Perhaps you never did…perhaps you never did”

“I struggle with the devil in the desert, as our Lord did. But at least my struggles are spiritual”

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