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Titans - Jason Todd - Advance Preview

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Titans - Jason Todd - Advance Preview

Holy Double Vision Batman! I'm seeing two Boy Wonders! Seems a young Jason Todd comes and saves Dick just in the nick of time. Jason first appeared in the early 1980's and is significant for two reasons. First, he was the second person to take up the Robin mantle after Dick Grayson left and formed the Teen Titans. Second, he has the distinction of having his fate determined by phone-in poll, a first of its kind social media experiment where the DC audience got to pick his destiny. What happened to him was decided by 72 votes. Very interested to see how the DC Universe handles this version of Mr. Todd.

Dick introduces Jason to the rest of the Titans. Beast Boy continues his fanboy geek out of all things Batman.

Jason shows Dick crime scene photos of people from Grayson's past that are dead and have had their faces melted off. Ewwwww.

An explosion at a night club sets Dick up to talk on the phone to mad melter man. Dick thought he was dead a long time ago.

I'm guessing we see a flashback to the time Robin caught the criminal who killed his parents at the circus. Looks like he's out for revenge.

Dick tries to impart some wisdom to the youngster, as well as explain why he left when he did. Looks like young master Todd doesn't heed that advice as we see him violently beat up on some policemen. He showcases some sweet combat moves and a violent streak as he bounces a policeman's face off the ground a couple of times. Ouch!

Robin vs Robin is bound to happen at some point right? Also, can't wait to hear the comparisons start, should be pretty funny. There's got to be more Bruce Wayne stuff too don't ya think?

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