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Titans - Donna Troy - Advance Preview

Titans - Donna Troy - Advance Preview

Oh no, the Titans are breaking up! Dick is disbanding the....band, and going his own way. He tells the team that he'll see them again some time and away he goes.

Of course it doesn't take long until he's smashing and beating someone again, only this time he is joined by the one and only Donna Troy. Donna's been around since the 60's and has gone by many different names and aliases. A member of the "junior justice league" and originally created as a younger version of Wonder Woman herself, Donna was later changed to be a orphan human girl who was taken to Thymescira and given Amazonian powers by a purple ray. Ah comic books.

Dick tells Donna he quit Batman and his new team and he needs a couch to crash on. Donna calls him Boy Wonder and says sure, as long he's still got game, and then runs and does a hugely high front flip over a parked semi truck. Dick and I both dropped f bombs when that happened.

Dick shows Donna pix of the language from Kory's storage container over a couple of PBR's and she recognizes it as something thats old and no longer around.

Woah! A flash of a scene of Kory piloting her spaceship! Maybe something she remembers bits of?

Back to Donna and she tells Dick the text in question is a mission statement for Starfire. In it she is told she is supposed to secure the Raven. Rachel. Uh oh.

Even though the team is broken up, (come on we know they're getting back together), it looks like there's some interesting things going to go down in the next episode. Get ready, not many left.

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