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The Good Doctor - Hubert - Review

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The Good Doctor airs Monday night 9PM CT on ABC

I am just but an amateur writer, but I can recognize amazing writing when I see one. David Renaud wrote an incredible episode, despite the awful execution in some parts it was still exceptional. Renaud took a yo-yo and used it albeit subtly in three different ways to portray how different characters felt like they were in a continuous meandering loop. Merriam Webster has three distinct definitions of a yo-yo, of course, the first is the toy that we spend mindless time on trying to wind and unwind (a good stress reliever or not). The second is one we often use to describe how our lives seem to be all over the place and the third we use to describe people who are obviously exhibiting idiotic tendencies. Yo-yo (all three definitions) can cause a lot of anxiety which expounds on the stress one is feeling most times. Many times the show deals with character death, but in this case, Renaud used the life and expiration of a fish to illustrate that even though life can be a yo-yo, we pick up and keep on moving.

Let’s talk about the residents who had to deal with foolishness and stress throughout the entire episode. Murphy and Reznick dealt with two brothers dealing with a matter of life and death but at the same time acting like morons. The brothers obviously had a history of bad blood between them, but it was clear they loved each other. What was marvelous about the writing here was the dealing that ensued between the two brothers, yes it was annoying for both brothers, but Murphy and Reznick were great dealers. The viewer might not agree with their tactics which seemed unethical, but sometimes one has to just keep winding the yo-yo until they get it right. Murphy and Lea experienced the joy of getting a fish together. Also, side note on this, why are they getting a pet of any kind together? Their personalities are so different which would be stressful for even a fish. Shaun stepping up to steady Lea's almost breakdown because of losing the fish was sweet and what a good friend is supposed to do.

Browne had the worst deal of the day; first, she was in the doghouse with Melendez but also her friend was dying from cancer. Browne’s friend Kayla was proposing a relationship between her husband and the doctor when she passed. In my opinion, this was an unfair ask and also wholly inappropriate. This was stressful for Browne who had gotten Melendez to agree to perform a surgery that would help ease the pain Kayla had on her spine area. In one of the conversations with her friend Kayla, we found out that Browne avoids commitments. This could mean foreshadowing of an angst-filled relationship between her and Melendez. Renaud’s writing with this story beautifully expressed the anguish and heartache everyone involved was feeling.

Dealing with end of life is not easy for anyone, not only the person facing death but also those that would be left behind. For Browne, losing her friend without having tried all treatment options available was not something she was willing to live with. She found a way even though it felt like a path of no return. It was big for Melendez to let Browne be part of the surgery although this was too close to home for Browne. In the surgical world, many are discouraged from taking on cases where they are emotionally invested because outcomes might severe relationship that was solid, to begin with. Park exhibited steadiness and support which is what Browne needed considering all that was going on with her program and her friend.

Here we are at the end where I can talk about the toy that Glassman was playing with. Renaud inserted this in the middle of the episode, but if you looked at the patterns when the yo-yo was unwinding, you could see the many different paths it takes to reach steadiness. Glassman’s was using it to help him keep his brain active, but there will definitely be challenges ahead for him. Melendez might want Browne of his service, but he still considers her a great student. I do want to have her train with Lim because she will challenge her more.

Hubert was solid artistic writing which showed perfectly what creativity in writing is all about. Renaud used a tool that had different meanings and intertwined them with the emotions that all the characters were going through. I hated how Browne’s friend had to pressure her into a relationship with her husband, but it was used to divulge some information about Browne who despite her oversharing nature still is a bit guarded.

What did you all think of the episode?

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