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The Flash hit a home run with its fourth episode of the season. "News Flash" delivered on all fronts- it was fun and flirty, but it was an especially effective episode because of the emotional heavy lifting done by the West-Allen family.

Let's get the fun and flirty stuff out of the way first.

The female blogger Spencer Young is a great villain for several reasons. She's a perfect foil for Iris who could be a thorn in her side for quite some time. That will be great to see this season as Iris' reporter arc is picking up steam. Loved Linda Park, but the genesis of their relationship was their low-key rivalry for Barry- not one based on the work they both loved. With Spencer, we get someone ambition like Iris', but obviously some much darker impulses go along with that. Not to mention that Spencer, A.K.A Spin, may have the hots for Nora- or does her nose for news detect the young speedsters identity? We shall see.

This episode was also heavy on West-Allen cuteness and gave the shippers what they have been missing. Iris making, or should I say attempting to make, lighting bolt pancakes for her speedster family was beyond adorable. Barry actually eating the pancakes was just as heartwarming- the way he loves and supports her is so, well let's go there a little later.

Iris becomes supporter in chief at the baseball game. She lets Barry down gently like any best friend would, but is still there with a good luck kiss and to cheer him on knowing he sucks- what a good wife she is.

With all this good family fun going on, guess who's still taking cheap shots at their mom? If you said Nora, of course you'd be right.

Iris and Nora

Finally! Even though it has only been four episodes, it's felt like an eternity because watching Nora torment Iris has been rough for some viewers. When Nora reveals the reason that she is so angry at Iris, I have to admit I was stunned. A speed dampener. That never crossed my mind. I did think Iris may have forbidden her to be a hero or maybe never talked about the heroism of Barry out of fear for Nora's safety and her own sadness. This was a nice twist from the writing team. Taking Nora's abilities away from her altogether gives her a very real reason to be angry. It robbed her of the connection to the father that she missed so deeply.

Nora spoke of the feeling of being different and never being told why. That nagging feeling for years must have been very difficult for Nora, but I wonder what her relationship with her mom was like prior to the six months point when she found out the truth. I say that because Nora taking pictures of her mom's food to make fun of it, not telling her she had a phone so obviously not initially giving her the number, getting smart with her about the number of followers she has on her blog, and several other snarky remarks she makes all point to a relationship that didn't seem so good in the first place. Nora speaks of Iris wanting to control her. Could this have some truth to it? Joe tried to control several aspects of Iris' life to "protect" her as well. He didn't let her become a cop. He didn't tell her Barry was in love with her. He didn't tell her that her mother was still alive. Is this a case of like father like daughter?

Even so, Nora came to the past knowing that she would meet a version of Iris that has no earthly idea of the path she will take. Wouldn't this be a perfect time to teach her why what she chooses to do to her is wrong? That being a hero is what she is meant to be instead of taking every opportunity to cut her mother down and make her feel isolated from her own family? And why is Nora so sure Iris did this all on her own? She absolves Barry of any involvement in this without even asking him. What if Barry made this decision before he left so that Iris would not have to worry about losing her children (daughter) and losing him as well? What if he left her a video or letter that details what to do if something ever happened to him? Or what if they simply decided to do it until the children got old enough and he vanished before they could remove the dampeners together? Iris being Iris probably didn't want Nora to think ill of Barry since she didn't have many memories of him anyway, so she let's Nora be angry at her. Typical selfless Iris.

Barry and Iris

Barry has been very patient with Nora-allowing her to spend time with him and to train with him because he knows that their future together is in peril.Even allowing her to snub Iris without intervening. When Nora crosses the line with Iris though, he makes a point to step in and say so. Everything about the way Nora presented her side to Barry was wrong. She was loud, rude, and so very sure that he would side with her. Why? Because they are both speedsters? What she doesn't know is that she was right the first time she met Barry.

At their wedding, she said something along the lines of "This is one for the ages". Yes, Nora. Barry and Iris' love story is one for the ages. If she really took the time to get to know her parents, she would know that. She idolizes Barry because he is a speedster. She has to know more about Barry, the man. She has to know Iris all together. She seems to have no interest in that at all. And then she has to know their love story to really understand why her father would never take her side in this argument. Barry loves and supports Iris (past, present, and future- I'm not crying I swear) so not even their daughter can come between them. While Nora is still with her parents in this timeline, I hope that she spends some getting to know them instead of trying to pull them apart- though I have a sneaking feeling that it wouldn't work anyway.

This would be a great place for Iris to share her written wedding vows with Nora and for her to share the video she made for Barry when she thought she was going to die. Or for Barry to show his 38-page vows and their childhood home videos. Nora needs to know just how much her parents truly love and trust one another and then maybe she'll realize just how much her mother truly loves her.

Team Flash and Cicada

Where the hell was Cisco? It was so weird watching the show without him. I did like the dynamic of Sherloque and Ralph, but it was still really strange with no Cisco Ramon wisecracking and hair blowing going on. I can't really remember what Caitlin was doing. Did she do anything this episode? Letting Ralph get the big break in the case was a nice move and him being subdued about it was even better. This new Ralph is a winner!

So Cicada is a worker who was injured by the satellite. Great. He's angry and growing increasingly strong as that scar of dark matter seems to spread in his chest. He's a dad, he's mad, and he wants to kill meta humans, but he has a soft spot for Nora or at least for the fact that Nora yelled out "Dad". Was his wife or significant other killed in the enlightenment? There has to be someone who knows him who can help. Iris needs to crack this case before Spencer does...

Other Things I Was Thinking As I Watched:

*For someone who doesn't like her mom so much, Nora sure is alot like her- coffee obsession much? The family stance is a family trait I guess.
*Nora was sure about the Reverse Flash her dad's heart wasn't she? Hmmm..
*Don't you just love parallels? A reporter falling for a speedster? (Well, she's a rotten reporter so that might be a no.)
*The meta tech thing is gonna be so damn cool.
*Nora, Iris got Barry to leave the speed force version of his mother. He will never side with you!
*Also Nora, give Iris a break. Try talking to her.
*JLM- wishing you a safe recovery. You will be missed.
*"Twin vacuums"- I hear you dropping Easter eggs Iris.
*I'm really kinda anxious for the Caitlin dad story.
*Will Cecile be able to use her powers to help with the Nora/Iris situation?

I truly loved "News Flash". What did you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments below. The Flash will return to the CW on Tuesday, November 13th. Thanks for reading!

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