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The Big Bang Theory - The Consummation Deviation - Review

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In case some of you have already forgotten (or suppressed?) that Raj is about to enter an arranged marriage this episode is here to remind you of that. Anu even comes over to Penny and Leonard’s apartment to have dinner together with the gang. On their way back home, Raj almost crashes the car when Anu proposes that the two of them finally take the next step, namely, have sex. Raj is overwhelmed, nervous and terrified. What if it’s not good? What if he is not good? Is he doomed for a lifetime of bad sex? When he and Anu meet up in a hotel room where their romantic night is supposed to take place, Raj and the audience get a throwback to the earlier seasons: Raj is so panicked and nervous about taking the next step with Anu he goes mute. He disappears in the bathroom with a bottle of champagne and acquires some liquid courage. Anu is suspicious and wants to know what’s going on. Finally, Raj tells her about his little talking problem. In return, she admits something she is embarrassed about: she does not like music. All music. Not even BeyoncĂ©! They end up talking all night long. On a physical level, nothing happened but they seem to have really connected on an emotional level. In the morning Anu invites him to join her in the shower. By the looks of it, the two of them might actually end up falling for each other.

While Raj is driving himself crazy over his first time with Anu, Sheldon is driving Amy’s parents crazy. He believes that in order to be a good husband, he has to bond with Mr. Fowler (Teller) and Mrs. Fowler (Kathy Bates). Sheldon decides to start with Larry. From there he'll slowly work his way up to Amy’s mom. Larry, however, is much more interested in Howard and his magic tricks than in Sheldon’s speeches about trains and comics. Eventually, Sheldon gives up and spends time with Mrs. Fowler instead. She is almost less enthusiastic about her daughter’s husband’s visit than Larry is. This has a very specific reason, though: Amy’s mom was made to believe that the reason why Amy barely spends any time with her is Sheldon. Amy told her that Sheldon always insists on spending Thanksgiving with his own mom and that he never ever goes out for dinner on a school night. None of this is actually true. Turns out, Amy made it all up to avoid spending time with her mother. Even though she threw him under the bus, Sheldon defends his wife. This seems to impress Mrs. Fowler to a certain degree. It is now that they finally bond.

How did you like the episode? Has your opinion of Anu and the wedding changed over the last few episodes?

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