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The Big Bang Theory - The Citation Negation - Review

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Good news everybody! Sheldon and Amy are more or less done writing their paper about super-asymmetry! All that is left to do now is to track down all citations and create the bibliography (which is actually quite a bit of work). I honestly expected them to already have a completed list with all the citations and sources they used. Doing all of this afterward seems like a lot of unnecessary hassle. Therefore, Amy suggests asking Leonard to help them compile all the sources but Sheldon is hesitant. After all, this paper is their precious, little baby and can't be trusted with just anyone.

“This paper really is the best of both of us. It's got my math and your sassy takedown of the fundamental nature of symmetry. It's got my bottomless intellectual curiosity and your petulant refusal to spell "gray" with an "a" like an American.”

Only after Sheldon tests Leonard’s reliability, he decides to trust him with the paper. After all these years and all the countless favors Leonard has done for him Sheldon is still not able to truly trust his best friend. Ordinarily, I would label this as sad but this is Sheldon we are talking about. It’s simply the way he is: Paranoid and overcautious.

With Raj’s help, Leonard makes his way through several books in the library. At some point, they find a Russian paper that seems to be about the very same topic Sheldon and Amy wrote about. Turns out they were not the first ones to think of super-asymmetry. Worst of all, the newly discovered paper not only talks about the same theory but also disproves it. Once Leonard tells the couple about his discovery Sheldon completely loses it. Amy joins him a few moments later, after her husband informs her that she does not always have to keep it together for his sake. They both sink into deep frustration. When they don’t show up for work the next day Leonard finds them on their couch in their pajamas eating junk food. Looks like it's gonna take a while for them to get over this.

While the whole drama around the paper is happening, Bernadette is trying to become a gamer to proof something to Howard. She wants to show him that she can play Fortnite and maybe even beat him at it. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to play the game as she expected. Denise offers to help her. Turns out that Stewart's girlfriend is a rather tough teacher. Thus, Bernadette feels rather confident when, a few days later, she challenges Howard to a game. She wants to show off her newly acquired skills. However, compared to Howard’s gaming experience hers is literally none existent. She loses the game in a matter of a few seconds. She is livid. Nevertheless, she does not quit playing. She just changes gaming partners. She plays with Penny now because she can easily beat her. Someone obviously has not learned how to lose.

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