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SEAL Team - Outside the Wire - Review: "Responsible Sonny?"

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On Base:

Jason is feeling guilty for the position he put Lopez in. For a change, I agree with him. Yes, Lopez is an adult who made the decision to accept Jason’s challenge to his manhood and commitment, but Jason did bait him.

Jason did challenge Lopez without exhibiting any consideration or respect for the position these men put themselves in to fight the cartel. I don’t think Jason is wrong to want to put it right.

Lopez is also feeling guilty. His family has been moved onto the base for their protection.

He decides that everything will be fixed if he turns himself over to Doza and lets them kill him. His wife goes to Jason for help. Jason takes off with Ray on his heels trying to stop him, but Jason feels he must fix it.

Although, despite Ray telling Jason they couldn’t go into cartel territory, I can’t help but think he was doing no more than he would do for a member of Bravo Team. Jason manages to talk Lopez into returning to the base by promising that they would get Doza.

Jason spent the episode in super intense mode. He finally confronted Mandy about questioning his mission readiness.

Jason feels betrayed, and I can’t really blame him. What's worse is that she questions one of Jason's calls to Blackburn.

Am I the only one getting a little sick of Mandy’s attitude?

Ray, as I’m sure we all expect, has a much better read on Jason. If anything Jason is hyper focused on his job.

Ray points out that Jason is taking care of everyone but himself; that he’s doing “that shark thing”. The truth annoys Jason. He tells Ray to back off then invites him to the roof for some beer.

Guys? Was that a normal reaction when best friends are fighting? My girlfriends and me are different.


We got a couple of mini-missions this week. The first was to see who was connected to one of the cellphones Bravo Team collected during the raid last week.

They manage to connect a face and name to the phone, but Doza is annoyed that this guy didn’t shut off his phone after the raid.

Punishment for not following orders? Being gunned down in the middle of the strip club.

By the way, Sonny’s extreme familiarity with strip clubs leant an air of believability to he and Clay’s brief undercover stint.

The second mission was to pick up Carla Reyes, the owner of Reyes Talent Agency, which likely supplies women to men in the upper level of the cartel. Their plan is to kidnap her and not let anyone know she’s been grabbed.

Since they can’t use a drone to provide over-watch, they put Clay in a helicopter. When the plan to grab her goes awry they decide to put her in the helicopter and whisk her away.

Mandy give Carla Reyes one option: give her the names of men in the upper echelon of the Cartel. If she volunteers to cooperate she’ll have the protection of silence.

If she refuses to give up the names, Mandy threatens to leak that Carla is cooperating.

If that happens, Carla is dead. Although we didn’t see the answer, but I’m guessing the answer was yes.


You can always tell well-raised kids. They had enough ‘home training’ to sit and listen politely to a strange American, like Sonny, lecture them on the Alabama - Texas rivalry.

They were so polite that Lopez had to tell Sonny they didn’t speak English. At least Sonny rewarded them with a game of soccer.

Clay decided he needed to climb into a bottle in an effort to get over Stella. Sonny played chaperone.

Davis’ reaction to Sonny the idea of Sonny as “The Responsible One” tickled me. I have no idea what's going on with them. But I'm actually having fun finding out.

I still think that while Mandy is second-guessing Jason’s state of mind, it’s going to be Clay’s state of mind that causes a big problem.

Clay’s Nicknames So Far:

Clay’s Nicknames So Far:
Blondie (E1)
Wonder Boy (E1)
Pin-up Girl (E1)
Peter Pan (E2)
Mr. GQ (E2)
Cover Girl (E3)
Bamm Bamm (E4, E7)
Ken Doll (E4)
Goldilocks (E5)
Romeo (E6)
Fabio (E7)

I’m kind of bummed that the repeated Bamm Bamm.

Overall I enjoyed the episode. I am getting annoyed with Mandy’s attitude toward Jason. Is anyone else annoyed with her? But the character stories have become as important to me as the action stories. I'm glad Jason is feeling guilty about Lopez. I am glad they didn't ignore the consequences of his actions last episode.

Can anyone fill me in…in that scene where Jason and Ray were yelling at each other, is it normal for fights between close friends to end like that? It was adorable, but my arguments with my friends end very differently.

What did you think of the episode?

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