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Riverdale - The Great Escape - Review

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Riverdale has been changing so much in these years. The first season had a clear and definite direction, season two had this different and odd rhythm and season three is becoming a whole different cup of tea. It’s crazy, full of insane twists and unpredictable. “The Great Escape” is not an exception. Let’s summarize what happened.

Archie is still stuck in “some diabolical teen fight club” and it’s time to let him break free. Veronica devises a plan to break him out and the rest of the gang help. She goes undercover and speaks with him. In the meanwhile, crazy things happen, like a gay kiss with Joaquin who stabs Archie. A WTF moment after another. But I was unexpectedly surprised: the G & G makes its entrance also in the juvie. This crazy game has taken the central spot in the plot.

In other news, Betty is still concerned with Jughead’s involvement with the game. But the best part of the episode happened in the Lodge mansion: in a marvelous scene, Hermione yells at her daughter and her husband that their obsession with Archie will be their family's downfall. As a viewer I truly loved this moment: we are all thinking that both Hiram and Veronica are just obsessed with the attractive redhead, and she gave voice to our thoughts.

All in all, the episode had a crazy fast-rhythm. You have to take Riverdale for what it is: a crazy and not-so-coherent guilty pleasure and teen drama. After lowering my expectations, I am enjoying the show.

And you? What do you think of “The Great Escape”?

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