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Quote of the Week - November 18th, 2018

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Arrow - 
1. Laurel: "You know the Ollie I knew? He had a hard time taking responsibility for his personal failures too." 
2. Diggle: "I just hope when this war is over, you still come out a hero."
3. Laurel: "What do you care anyway? If anyone knows the true me, the real me, it’s you." Dinah: "You know, you’ve been telling people for 6 months now you’ve changed. It wasn’t until I saw you in that courtroom I actually believed it. Do not throw that away just because it’s getting hard now."
4. Laurel: "I don’t want your thanks. I didn’t do this for you. I did this for me. And no, I’m not your Laurel, I’m not the old Laurel, I’m me. Everyone has good and bad inside of them and you can’t put people in one box or the other. Ever." (Mads)

Charmed - 
1. Maggie: "Cheers, bitches." Mel: "What did you call us?" Maggie: "Mm. It’s code. Pretend it’s the W-word."
2. Sorority Girl: "Yeah, Lucy you’re forgetting our mantra, WWGPD?" Lucy: "Even Gwenyth Paltrow has her limits." (Mads)
3. Macy: “I guess that wasn’t too awkward, huh?” Harry: “Hard to tell. I’m British. Awkward is kind of our thing.”
4. Maggie: “Oh, your shirt is on inside out.” Mel: “I showered. That was your only requirement.” (Dahne)

Escape at Dannemora - 
1. Matt: "Did you know that out in nature, there are no right angles? But in here, it’s all right angles. It’s an engineered environment. Bars up, bars down, bars across. And the people inside, they get to be right angles too." Tilly: "What the fuck are you talking about?" Matt: "And there are the angles that get bent, and you know who that is?" Tilly: "Who?" Matt: "That’s you, and me."
2. Lyle: "What the hell is this?" Tilly: "It’s music." [Lyle turns off the radio.] Tilly: "What was that for?" Lyle: "I don’t like that crap." Tilly: "It’s not crap. It’s Nick Jonas and I like it." (Mads)

FBI - 
1. OA: “You know, I’ve heard about morons like you, but this is the first time I’m meeting one.”
2. Maggie: “What was that?” OA: “You have a way of cutting through emotion and getting people to do what you want.” Maggie: “Oh, so you’re saying I’m manipulative.” OA: “Your words.”
3. OA: “You were right. I can’t let my personal feelings affect my enthusiasm for doing the job. I gotta treat each case the same. It won’t happen again.” Maggie: “Can you just go back to the part where you said I was right and just say that a couple more times?” (Dahne)

Happy Together -
1. Claire: “So is this what you do? You put a magical spin on everything?” Jake: “Well the way I look at it, life’s either gonna be a great time or a great story. Sometimes it ends up being both.”
2. Bonnie: “It is so hard being fake senile when you’re real drunk.”
3. Jake: “Terry and the Gooch? It sounds like a Pixar movie about STDs.” (Dahne)

Legends of Tomorrow - 
1. Rory: "It doesn't matter. I can't write anymore. Nothing comes out." Zari: "You have writer's block." Rory: "Dropped a deuce this morning." Zari: "ugh." (Prpleight)

NCIS: New Orleans - 
1. Steven: “Why do you need to be the one to personally save him?” Pride: “You want the truth?” Steven: “Considering I’m covering your a** with mine, I think I deserve it.” Pride: “Pretty sure he’s one of the reasons I came back from the dead.” Steven: “Okay, next time lie to me.”
2. Matteo: “It looks like the house in the movie with the chainsaw killer hiding in the basement.” Jimmy: “Ah don’t worry. No basements in New Orleans.”
3. Matteo: “I wanted a future, to be free. She introduced me Officer Carter, said he could help me get out.” Pride: “And you became a CI.” Matteo: “Nuh-uh. That was my idea.” Pride: “You volunteered?” Matteo: “Somebody has to fight back, so why not me?” (Dahne)

New Amsterdam - 
1. Rabbi Skillman: "You want to know how I can be at peace when I know I'm going to die?" Max: "Yeah." Skillman: "Do you know the story of Abraham and Isaac?" Max: "No." Skillman: "Okay, so Abraham and Sarah have no children but when they're very old, God gives them a son, Isaac, and then God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Kill him, and he'll reward him with as many children as there are stars in the sky and sand in the sea and Abraham, being a good and faithful man, takes Isaac up the mountain to sacrifice him and God rewards him for it. That's choice one. But what if Abraham said no? What if Abraham said: "There's lots of stars in the sky but only one Isaac, who I waited 100 years for, and I'd rather spend the time I have left on this earth with him and Sarah, reward be damned." That's choice two. Two impossible choices. So, I took the one that makes me happier."
2. Max: "I have a confession." Skillman: "Wrong religion, but I'm listening." Max: "I have cancer." Skillman: "I'm sorry." Max: "Chemo starts tomorrow and what I'm learning is that I'm not a good patient, 'cause I'm scared." Skillman: "Cancer changes everything and nothing at all." (Mads)

The Resident - 
1. Mina: "Emotions can enrich our lives but they can also destroy us."
2. Austin: "I deal, and life is long. Eventually, one day, I will not be her mentor, and she’ll be my equal." Nic: "For a guy who doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, that was an impressive share."
3. Nic: "Grief is horrible. It breaks you into a million pieces, I know, but I promise you, it’ll get easier." Patient: "How?" Nic: "By keeping Anna’s memory alive. If you die, all that goes with you. Whose gonna talk about how special Anna was? How amazing you were together? I’ll see you in recovery." (Mads)

The Rookie - 
1. Bishop: "They can’t sleep in the lobby. We have to escort them out." Nolan: "That’s not right. We can’t just kick them out." Bishop: "Unfortunately this city has 60,000 homeless. We can’t find beds for all of them." Nolan: "No, but we can find beds for these two." Bishop: "Even if it takes the rest of our shift and you lose the competition?" Nolan: "Well, we’re not playing. Remember?"
2. Bishop: "We’re not robots, Officer Nolan. We all have bad days. But our bad days pale in comparison to the people we meet. They need us at our best."
3. Lopez: "Nobody cares how you got here if you can do the job. So give yourself a break every now and then." (Mads)

Supergirl - 
1. Supergirl: "Alex there’s a dragon on Main Street." Alex: "That’s what I get for making a Harry Potter reference." (Zandarl)
2. Alex [to Col. Haley]: “I followed my instincts, and they were right. And I will continue to do so because THAT is what makes me a great leader. And if that means you have to court-martial me, the so be it!” (Donna Cromeans)

Tell Me a Story - 
1. Nick: "What’s wrong with Cinderella?" Kayla: "Well lets start with the degrading damsel in distress stereotype and go from there." Nick: "Wow, okay, no fairytales for you."
2. Gabe: "You wanted a protein bar so I got you every flavor."
3. Hannah: "I never abandoned you. I went into the army for us. You were supposed to be happy, Gabe." (Mads)

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