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Mom - Jello Shots and the Truth About Santa - Review: "Mother of All Problems"

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Violet, one of Christy's disappearing kids, is back this week. And she's pissed...

Christy and her friend Stacy are studying when Bonnie comes in yelling some X-rated information about her and Adam's sex life. Christy apologizes to her friend about how bad her Mom is, and Stacy says not to worry, she has "one of those too." (Though Christy's pretty confident no one else "has got one of those.") Stacy suggests she check out the podcast "Mother of All Problems," where a woman tells crazy stories about her terrible mother.

Later, Christy tunes into the podcast and has a startling realization. She is the "Mother of All Problems!" That's right! The host is Violet and she's telling the world about every terrible thing pre-sober Christy ever did! Christy begins to obsessively listen to more and more of the podcast until Bonnie finally makes Christy call Violet. They haven't spoken in over a year and Violet's changed her number, but Bonnie, who Violet speaks positively of in the podcast, has her new one. Christy gets voicemail, and leaves a rambling message telling Violet she'd really like to talk to her.

Meanwhile, Adam (with Tammy's eager help) is getting ready to open his bar. And the closer it gets to opening, the more worried he gets. He's finally started to realize why Bonnie was hesitant about the bar in the first place. He has no experience and he's spent all his money on it. This leaves Bonnie playing the encourager, desperately trying to convince Adam that the bar will make money.

The next day, Christy's studying with Stacy again when Stacy blurts out that she knows Christy is the "Mother of All Problems." Christy asks how she found out and Stacy shows her that Violet played the voicemail on the podcast, asking her listeners to decide whether or not Christy was being sincere. The girls tell Christy that she needs to reach out to Violet in person. Christy says she doesn't even know where Violet lives, and Bonnie admits she does, and she's been there.

Christy and Bonnie go to Violet's apartment. Christy tells Violet she's changed. Violet says that's nice, but Christy was still an alcoholic her entire childhood and the damage is already done. Christy asks Violet if she'll at least tell her listeners that Christy's in a better place now. Violet hands Christy a headset and says she can do it herself. Christy hesitantly tells her side of the story on the podcast, and eventually asks Violet if they can begin to make-up. Violet tells her she's happy that she's doing well, but that doesn't erase the fact that she lost her whole childhood because of Christy. She's finally in a good place now, and that's because Christy isn't in her life, and she wants it to stay that way. After leaving, Christy breaks down to Bonnie. Bonnie tells her that even though it didn't turn out the way that she hoped it would, it was still a good thing Christy faced her.

Later, everyone gathers for the opening of Adam's bar. There are lots of people there, but no one's drinking beer! Bonnie managed to recruit a bunch of people to show up, they're just all recovering alcoholics! Adam comments that he's "sunk [his] life savings into a lemonade stand." On the bright side, Tammy does get a guy's number! Though it's unclear whether it's because he wants to go on a date or wants her to do handiwork!

Random Thoughts:
-Marjorie's son brought her mugshot for show-and-tell! That might actually be worse than anything Violet's got!

-I get where Violet's coming from, but I'm of the opinion that maybe we shouldn't air our family drama on the world-wide-web...

-I'm assuming Bonnie knows that it's hard to blow a place up and collect the insurance money from experience?

-Best quote goes to Jill when telling Christy and Marjorie to make-up with their kids. "Don't wait. You could die, Christy. And call your son, because you're definitely gonna die before her."

How do you feel about Violet's decision? Do you think Adam's bar will succeed?

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