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Legends of Tomorrow - Tagumo Attacks! - Review

I wasn’t the hugest fan of the episode, but it’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, I just expected more from such a promising premise with Ishiro Honda. It was like the blink and miss Obama stuff the show did once before. I was really expecting more from his PTSD, but the little we did get was good until it was glossed over at the end as if it was no big deal. However, there was a giant Octopus Monster and that just makes up for the blah Nora/ray stuff happening.

This episode was a bit all over the place. The three main plots weren’t connected by any sort of thread, but were all meant to further the character driven focus we’ve seen thus far in season four. One of my favorite things form this episode was that Mick’s passion for screenwriting made a comeback and was a featured plot point. This was great because so far this season Mick has really spent a lot of time grunting and standing in the background. I think its okay to soften him up and make him relatable to the other characters like they did with Charlie. I do think Mick’s best paring so far outside of Cold and Sara has been partnering him up with Zari. She’s not as straight edge as Nate or Ray but doesn’t have the dark/troubled past like Snart and Sara. She’s the perfect medium character for him to play off of, because she’s not afraid to tell him off but is also able to relate to him on his level.

I love that Mick ends up being the creative force behind Honda making Godzilla, because even if this episode seemed more emotionally lightweight and a little less connected, it was still fun that this episode really went for the comedy. Mick pairing with the book was nice as well, as he really got to do more than just stand and growl with his gun and it made this viewer very happy. I loved all the campiness surrounding the Godzilla franchise and if the episode just consisted of this plot and maybe the time bureau stuff it would’ve felt more solid.

The Ray and Nora stuff just makes me annoyed. I never thought Nora needed to come back and if her character stayed in the wind I’d be happy. There was no tension in this plot thread and it’s nice that she’s trying to avoid becoming evil, but I think if we dropped in on Nora in a one-off later this season to discover that she’s good and protecting a place she’s inhabiting would’ve been more exciting than this. Was there any doubt that she wouldn’t help Constantine? I’d be happy she turned herself in, had I known it’d be to disappear like Flash villains, but alas that isn’t the case.

I’ve had a very contentious relationship with Nate’s journey this season and what I’ve felt about Ava’s inclusion this year, but this week’s pairing off of him and Ava really gelled for me. It was nice to see Ava tackling what makes a real family, and using Nate and his terrible thanksgiving as a vehicle for that. It didn’t surprise me that Nate has terrible Thanksgivings and expects nothing more, look at what we’ve learned of his family thus far. Still, I’m enjoying the character driven plots we’ve been getting this season and I’d like to add it to Ava’s list of many things she’s thankful for.

There were some great references that you can catch beginning with the title being similar to Mars Attacks! (Others include a Back to the Future reference). The Celtic Goddess and the enchanted book was a pretty fun fugitive I suppose, but I wish there had been a bit more done with it. I am wondering what is the deal with the Hank? I figured his relationship with Nate couldn't have been the only thing he'd be involved in this season on Legends, so I'm curious if project Hades is linked to the Big Bad?
All in All, it was another decent episode for what has been a pretty solid season, and I’m sure has come decent rewatchability. C

What were your thoughts on the episode? Sound off below!

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