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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - The Gang Wins the Big Game - Review

In the continuation from last week, we catch up to the rest of the gang and what they were doing while Charlie was reliving Home Alone. As Charlie was, the rest of the gang were just as obsessed with completing rituals to ensure the Eagles' victory. But did it work? With the combined efforts of Charlie, Mac, Dee, and Frank, we got a surprising result (for them).

While Charlie got left behind, Cricket, Bill Ponderosa, Uncle Jack, Rex, and Ben the soldier got to go to the game. Initially, Mac doesn't want Cricket there because he sucks and he's a poor representation of Philly, but Cricket sneaks on wearing Charlie's green man costume, thus Charlie getting left behind. When they discover his ruse, they decide not to go back for Charlie because they're jerks Mac doesn't want things to go more wrong than they are.

But that doesn't work out for Mac. The waitress, who's driving (mistake number one), hits a pothole and breaks the axle of the bus. They're not going anywhere. Mac is super upset that everything they do turns to crap and they're never going to get to be a part of something cool like winning the Super Bowl, but Frank shuts him up by getting them a flight there and all is well.

Well, until things start going wrong again. Dee has pink eye and Frank is passing a kidney stone. But this works out in their favor when Dee accidentally gives Tom Brady pink eye and the Eagles score every time Frank pees. It looks like they're going to win, but Brady gets the ball at the last minute. What can they do? Nothing, but Charlie can. We cut back to Charlie, who is facing having to put the bear trap back on the same leg. Mac calls him and Charlie, feeling the responsibility, puts on his big boy pants and steps back into the bear trap and the Eagles win. Superstitions are real, you guys.

The second part of this two-parter felt weaker than the first. It was great to see these side characters again, but the adventures here were maybe too spread out to really give the amount of time each one deserved. I also hoped that Charlie would play more of a role instead of just being the last-second save and that there would be more of a reaction to what Charlie went through. But I loved that montage at the end of the excitement of Eagles fans when the Eagles, in real life, won the Super Bowl. This two-parter was more of a nice little love letter to Philadelphians than anything else, which I can appreciate.

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