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Grey's Anatomy - Blowin' In The Wind - Review: "Hero Behind the Glasses" + POLL

Grey's Anatomy finally did all the things I hoped it would do, but sadly now we have to wait approx 2 months for all the issues to resolve. Grey's season 15 midseason finale was written by Meg Marinis and direxted by our very own Kevin McKidd.

You can guess it from the title who my personal MVP of this episode is. Jake Borelli's phenomenal interpretation of Schmidt aka Glasses was heartbreaking and empowering at the same time. Meg Maginis written words became a storm of emotions as Jake broke down Schmidt's emotion to the point of heartbreak, along the way they upped his nerdiness as a superhero ability and doing God's work in the progress by saving the handsomest Asian actor I have seen on TV. The interaction between Nico and Levi were all over the place and the way they expressed Levi's sexual awakening felt truly sincere. I read some statements from Jake Borelli regarding his own coming out so his performance came that closer to my heart. The next step for the Grey's team make these two regulars!!!! We need more of them on screen.

Meanwhile in the main building many stories were unfolding. And while I can deny the chemistry between DeSnooze and Meredith, I just ain't there for the sister switching. No matter how much Maggie doesn't care it feels just icky. I judged Elena and Damon
for the brother switching on TVD so I very much judge this as well. And while I am neither a fan of Link, Meredith realizing she has to live her life and accept where she is in life was believably portrayed by Ellen. You could just see that switch changing in her and the birth of that spark in her eyes. The understanding Ellen has for her character is gripping and comforting. She survived all the darkness and she sees the light.

And just like that she made Maggie see the light as well. Mer shaking her sister up and making her stop with the overthinking was one of those punch in the face moments. Maggie needed that slap. She is a self sabotaging her life and while I don't think she shouldn't just bend down cause of Jackson's awesomness this time around she just needed to be there for him and Mer knew that. All Maggie's silly headaches were silly in comparison to the situation Jackson has to face now.

After 7 & 1/2 long Episodes, Owen finally found out the truth and everything went downhill from there. I am really intrigued to see how the writers will tackle the story now that is wide open. And I am truly anticipating Amelia's reaction. That will be an awkward time in the elevator. Teddy deciding that to tell Owen the truth in the middle of the OR was really weird especially after all the waiting. Still, it felt fitting. Teddy was so afraid of how scared she would get out of the whole situation but than she saw that miracle in front of her. The elderly man who should have been scared and in a deadly predicament by all means was unfazed. It was the moment all was clear to Teddy and Kim just broke me down with that look in her eyes. That combination of fear and hope she radiated was captivating the whole screen. The moment she told her truth everything changed for her. The burden of truth fall from her back and she was finally at piece. Until she had to face Amelia. Luckily she has two months to think about her next move.

Amelia's Owenless story this week was refreshing. Yes, Owen was there but her truth wasn't told through him. Betty being back and high was an expected outcome. The beauty of Grey's was always it's ability to tell their character stories through their patients and while sometimes they lack subtlety, this time they perfectly times the scenes with Amelia's Selfie Stick Patient and her realization that she is Betty's mom by all means.

Richard's speech to Bailey was another great moment in the drama filled hour. Bailey eliminating everything that makes her the amazing Bailey she is, is not the solution. She has to embrace life and not fight against it.

The midseason finale ended on multiple cliffhangers, creating space for another bunch of strong episodes. What are your thoughts on Grey's midseason finale? Did it blow you away? Or was it a simply breeze for you? Vote in the Poll below and share your comments in the section below. Till we meet again in 2019. . .


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